SKY Ranger XT CVT 1.10.1

The ONLY Automation vehicle with 4 wheel steering and infinite gear ratio

  1. skyeyemx
    2019 SKY Ranger
    You won't regret buying it. At least until the warranty ends.

    screenshot_2019-02-17_22-49-05.png screenshot_2019-02-17_22-49-39.png
    Have you ever wanted a crossover with such advanced technology, you can drive it half asleep? A car that looks like an off-roader but really isn't? A car that looks big but actually has less space than a sedan from the '80s?


    Well guess what; thanks to our emotionally-manipulative advertising campaign, now you do.

    screenshot_2019-02-17_22-50-55.png screenshot_2019-02-17_22-51-23.png screenshot_2019-02-17_22-51-11.png

    According to Automation, the SKY Ranger XT has:

    - Anti-lock brakes
    - Traction control
    - Electronic stability control
    - Variable valve lift
    - Variable valve timing
    - Active front & rear wing
    - Active cooling flaps
    - Active torque vectoring limited slip differentials
    - All wheel drive
    - Active suspension
    - Semi-active damping


    It is driven by a 243 horsepower turbocharged 4-liter V6, capable of 31 MPG. Power is channeled by a CVT transmission with a rather buggy sport mode, driven through an active differential capable of torque vectoring and limited slip, powering all 4 wheels. The vehicle itself is slightly overweight at 4,617lb

    As such, it is a capable and well-rounded vehicle with mediocre capability in all areas including comfort, track performance, rockcrawling, off-road use, fuel economy, and utility. A jack of all trades, master of none.

    New v1.8 features!
    I used this car a guinea pig for some new features I managed to get working whilst messing with hydros. Introducing:

    4-wheel steering - All 4 wheels turn in order to maximize control. No matter what angle you're at, just flip the steering wheel the other way and you're instantly out. Great for off-road rally drifting

    Progressive spring rate & damping - The suspensions now progressively go from extremely soft to extremely stiff the closer they get to their limits. This means that the car will still readily absorb small bumps, but will now also be much more capable in absorbing larger hits and drops for real off-road use

    Active body roll counter - Depending on steering input, the car will now "lean" into a turn slightly, improving cornering grip and handling

Recent Updates

  1. CVT transmission!
  2. More technology!
  3. 4 wheel steering!

Recent Reviews

  1. WalkerPG
    Version: 1.10.1
    Perfect transmission set and engine, great chassis, I liked the style of the taillights, I just did not like the airfoil in the bonnet and the front headlights, perfect car congratulations beautiful set. sorry for English
  2. ClassicMike
    Version: 1.4
    You don't need a front wing on a normal SUV. Looks awful. Doesn't need downforce.
    1. skyeyemx
      Author's Response
      Every car benefits from some downforce. Form follows function; if it's ugly, but it works, it isn't ugly
  3. Martiz
    Version: 1.0
    It is good to drive but the front wing looks really bad.
    1. skyeyemx
      Author's Response
      The front wing does produce a sizable amount of downforce at high speeds though. And because the car has active wings, the wings barely have any drag if you're on a long straight

      It might be ugly, but it works, and it works well
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