Beta Slammed D Series (C Notched Frame) 2.11

D Series with a notched frame

  1. Small Fixes

    Small fixes
  2. Suspsion Rework again

    Attempted to fix the rear suspension, it looks better, but still functions like the old one sadly, other little fixes
  3. Little Fixes

    Fixed standard frame muffler issue
  4. Little fixes

    Just little fixes to somethings
  5. Whole Rework

    -new frames, configs, suspension, air tanks
    Everything has been reworked and hopefully the keybinds shouldn't cause any issues anymore, you might have to clear cache because of the new textures and models, rear suspension is still a bit buggy, cant figure that one out yet
  6. Little fixes

    Some fixes to jbeam and other suspension parts, fixed air bags not working sometimes
  7. Air suspension fixes

    just little fixes
  8. Added Air Suspension and little fixes

    Finally got around to making some air suspension for this thing, and some little minor fixes around the edges
  9. Added support for 10 lug mod

    Added the support for the mod but the standard and short frames don't work that well and are really buggy, 0.6 track bar adjust gets the axle right in the middle for better fitment
  10. Fixed Heavy Duty 8 Lug Rear Hubs

    fixed heavy duty 8 lug hubs not showing up when selected
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