Beta Slammed D Series (Notched Frame) 1.8

D Series with a notched frame

  1. Added support for 10 lug mod

    Added the support for the mod but the standard and short frames don't work that well and are really buggy, 0.6 track bar adjust gets the axle right in the middle for better fitment
  2. Fixed Heavy Duty 8 Lug Rear Hubs

    fixed heavy duty 8 lug hubs not showing up when selected
  3. Fixed configs and added cut short bed

    Fixed configs and added short bed
  4. More Configs

    What the title says, more configs
  5. New Frames and Hubs

    Added different frame options, and 6lug and 8lug wheel hubs
  6. Suspension

    Made the front coilovers lower
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