Small Drift Island (Featuring Meihan) 2.3

Drift version of Small Island USA

  1. Drift playground

    • Added in Drift playground
    • extended B course with an extra section
    • New map props such as guard rails
    • Night lighting in certain areas
    • Removed broken decals


    1. screenshot_2022-07-31_20-36-02.png
  2. Hotfix - Meihan meshes + tree materials.

    Fixes problem with missing models around meihan, and missing textures for billboard trees.

    Map still have some missing materials around the map. But i will fix that another time because it's not as important.
  3. PBR patch hotfix

    The map was broken with the PBR updates of Small Island USA.
    The reason for this is that I piggyback my map of Small Island and other vanilla assetts to keep the mod file size down at the 130mb it's at.

    What I had to do was start over with the new Small Island, and reusing as much things I could such as the heightmap and terrain paint information.

    I'm releasing this as it is right now, just to get it out there. There are some problems.
    1. The previously watery track (old course) is now dry...
  4. Meihan Update

    Here is the update featuring Meihan Sportsland C-Course.
    A real track situated east of Osaka, Japan.
    The track is scratch made by me based on google maps and reference images.
    screenshot_2021-11-20_00-56-39.png screenshot_2021-11-16_00-28-07.png

    The update is also featuring a change to 'Old-course' making it a slippery wet track.

    Night time activated floodlights on B-course

    Some basic pitlane objects on B-course, and some extra road...
  5. PBR update

    Some various updates.
    One new track: "Old course"

    PBR road materials:
    screenshot_2021-10-31_00-57-50.png screenshot_2021-10-31_01-10-12.png

    And some various little fixes like smoothing out the terrain and greatly reduced download size.
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