Small Drift Island (Featuring Meihan) 1.2

Drift version of Small Island USA

  1. Meihan Update

    Here is the update featuring Meihan Sportsland C-Course.
    A real track situated east of Osaka, Japan.
    The track is scratch made by me based on google maps and reference images.
    screenshot_2021-11-20_00-56-39.png screenshot_2021-11-16_00-28-07.png

    The update is also featuring a change to 'Old-course' making it a slippery wet track.

    Night time activated floodlights on B-course

    Some basic pitlane objects on B-course, and some extra road...
  2. PBR update

    Some various updates.
    One new track: "Old course"

    PBR road materials:
    screenshot_2021-10-31_00-57-50.png screenshot_2021-10-31_01-10-12.png

    And some various little fixes like smoothing out the terrain and greatly reduced download size.
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