Unsupported So-Cal Interstate Highway (126 miles of road & path) 0.8

Deprecated - Will conflict with los injurus. Do not use please.

  1. All roads are now .DDS Textures, 121+ miles of road total, FPS up 50% on average.

    ***Now Featuring *SMOOTHED* Side-roads (YES!)***
    No more flying with Accidental Airways!
    A map featuring 42.4 miles of highways approx 65 miles of two & four-lane roadways. ALL ROADS WORK WITH AI. AI will stay in-lane on highways.
    Trails have been started, there are 13.6 miles of them on RC6.
    This is a sequel to the well received Nevada Interstate map.
    Works on (the current update as of 6/9/16).
    Features .dds textures and reasonable file-size for being as much 'level' as it is which helps reduce filesize. A few new textures are added in for the new RC6 for more variety (well they were in but not implemented before).

    NO buildings, NO extra lighting, NO trees to otherwise slow your FPS down.
    No signs either, because I didn't put them in yet.
    Runs great on my old SPUDeon 7850 2gb on a recent i7 chip.
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