Alpha Soliad Wendover 4000R 1.2

"To get one of these is like winning a lottery"

  1. Compatibility Update

    Just an update that makes this mod more compatible for other mods and some updates that have happened since it came out.

    - Removed Worn Stage 1 Supercharger (Useless)
    - Removed Abused V6 Engine (Also useless)
    - Removed Drift Steering (An official one was added)
    - Added '(Kaido)' signature to my additions. (Helps differentiate which parts belong to my mod)
    - Removed unnecessary files
  2. DEFECT Fix

    - Fixed an issue where DEFECT would spawn with normal Race ECU

    - Fixed DEFECT description grammar

    - Added abused 3.8 Liter V6

    Normal 3.8 V6 with a bit less power. Neat for beater builds.

    - Added worn stage 1 supercharger

    Stage 1 Supercharger with a bit less power.

    - Added Race Intake

    Adds better power on the high end.

    -Added sport ECU to I4 Engines

    6000RPM Limiter as opposed to 5800RPM

    -Added sport long block to I4 Engines

    A block that takes 900 ft-lb of torque.

    - Added Stage 3 Supercharger to I4 Engines.

    Nuff said.

    - Added DEFECT config

    - Added 4000R race ECU

    To no longer...
  4. ANOTHER quick fix.

    - Fixed an issue where the Race ECU would only allow up to 7500RPM.
  5. Some simple fixes.

    Some simple fixes that I somehow never realized were needed.

    - Added proper thumbnails

    - Added descriptions to two of the configs
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