South-Loop Race 2.1

A race through the south loop of Gull Coast.

  1. Kingpig218
    IMPORTANT: To play this scenario, you need to install Gull Coast found here

    2.0 -
    • made some of the checkpoints bigger for example the one on the beach now allows you to go on the road or cut across the beach.
    • Changed the title to not confuse anyone on whether or not this is a Time Trial.
    • Increased the damage limit so you can take more of a hit.

    This scenario sees that you take control of a rally version of the ETK-I through a custom circuit as fast as you can.

    Be careful as to not destroy you vehicle or you will fail.
    -Please do leave feedback as this is greatly appreciated.

    As of posting this, my current record is 2:25:84. Can you beat my record?(You probably can...)

    Big thanks to davidinark for playing this mod, his video can be found here


    1. South-Loop_Map.jpg

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  1. South-Loop Race 2.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Deniscua
    Version: 2.1
    Great race, my best time 02:02.34. That would be in beamng added a global high score table for the scenarios to play would be much more interesting.
  2. Gamergull
    Version: 2.0
    Excellent work! I may be a bit biased with the map, but the course is quite challenging and I played it for almost an hour to try to get a great time. My last run was 2:00.5; I was surprised! Anyhow, the only nitpick I have with this is that some of the waypoints didn't cover the apex of a few turns; even though I avoided extreme corner cutting, I missed a few by a hair. It's mostly around the cliff roads area. So yeah, keep it up! Time trial scenarios are a joy to play.
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