Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers 22

Universal wheel spacer system. Fix your stance.

  1. performance / mechanical update

    6-lug spacer meshes are now better positioned. The rest of the changes are of a technical nature, but result in better performance & compatibility.


    • Updated LUT for 6-lug offroad offset
    • Moved to using new jbeam variable expressions, resulting in a 90% reduction in parts generation and a 75% reduction in processing time. There may still be a lot of refactoring in the near future, please do not build anything which depends on this right now.
    • Improved compatibility with mods which place non-tire parts in the \common\parts directory. Mods with parts in inaccurate paths may still cause spacers to appear where they should not.
    Feedback is welcome in the forum thread!
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