Spanish Police Roamer Pack 3.7.0

Selection of spanish police versions of the Gavril Roamer with presets.

  1. Spanish Police Roamer Pack - The East Update

    • 2 new skins (Valencia and Murcia)
    • Adjusted color in the Guardia Civil 2017 reflective stripes
  2. Spanish Police Roamer Pack - Quick Hotfix

    • Changed the 2017 Guardia Civil skin to the final real life version.
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  3. Spanish Police Roamer Pack

    • Added siren sound effect for the blue lightbar
    • Added 2 new skins:
      • Guardia Civil (2017)
      • Policia Canaria
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  4. Spanish Police Roamer Pack - North Spain Update

    • Fixed missing badges on all configs.
    • NEW SKIN: Vigo Local Police
    • NEW SKIN: Oviedo Local Police
    • NEW SKIN: Santander Local Police
    • NEW SKIN: Navarra Foral Police
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  5. Spanish Police Roamer Pack 3.2

    • NEW SKIN: Ibiza (Eivissa) Local Police
  6. Spanish Police Roamer Pack 3.1

    • Updated lightbars as on standards (working again, with current lighting features as in other in-game lightbars)
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  7. Spanish Police Roamer Pack 3.0

    • The mod is no longer a separate set of vehicles, and it's fully incorporated to the regular Roamer, version
    • Added running boards and bull bars to the Policia Nacional, Ertzaintza and Guardia Civil versions.
    • Added decal on the rear of the Mossos d' Esquadra version.
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  8. fix

  9. Spanish Police Roamer Pack 2.7

    • NEW SKIN: Sevilla Local Police
    • Modified the speedometer in order to only display km/h units.
    • Updated the Roamer base model to specs, including broken glass sounds and all the official updates done to the regular car.
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  10. Spanish Police Roamer Pack 2.5

    • 3D car model updated using the 0.5.1 Roamer 3D model to ensure the car gets all the features and updated of the last patches.
    • Added a new skin. (Aragon Autonomous Community)
    • Updated the Madrid Local Police skin to the new 2016 livery.
    • Added clear lenses in the bumper indicators, to homogenize the looks in every car.
    • Fixed some mistakes in the info section for every car. (wrong transmission shown)
    • Given individual lights to avoid sharing textures with the normal...
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