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Spikestrip as a Prop

  1. Neo
    Edit 18.05.2020:
    Fixed wrongfully overwrite of vehicle specific bindings.

    Edit 23.02.2019:

    Updated to the current BeamNG version (0.15)

    Edit 08.07.2018:

    The model got a freshup (less complexity) and a new texture based on this. And additional the spawning process is more fluid now thanks to torsion and thomatoes50

    Edit 07.07.2018:
    The Gravil Grand Marshal is now able to deploy spikes on the go. The controls can be adjusted in the vehicle specific bindings section.

    Edit 16.07.2016:
    From now on are the Spikes a lot resistant against external force. So now can the Spikes grab better, so the theory. ;)

    Edit 15.07.2016:
    Some good Video from Neilogical

    Edit 30.05.16:
    A video of the current version from WhyBeAre

    Edit 07.05.16:
    Improved Physics, little Texture (if someone could make a better one, that would be really nice; the UV-Map can be adapted)

    Edit 04.03.16:
    During my testing, I have created a stationary spike strip. It is unrealistic but it makes fun^^
    The download is in the forum thread

    Edit 10.03.16:
    New Body and Physics properties

    Release 28.02.2016:
    my intention is, that I want to have a spike strip, which can be thrown out by police cars. This is my first spike strip attempt. I´m not a pro in Blender nor in jBeam programming, so it could take a lot of time before the next update comes. Yet I spend the most of the time on a design that breaks the wheels every time. The next step is to figure out how to attach the spikes to the vanilla police cars and the last step is how to detach the spikes from the car in movement.
    Tell me what you think and if you want to help me contact me on the forum.
    I´m looking forward to reading your feedback.

    Blender Exporter plugin: http://www.beamng.com/threads/blender-exporter-plugin-0-2-0.11514/ from rmikebaker edited by thomatoes50
    Support & Feedback: you, as a part of the community
    Model: me
    JBeam: me
    Lua: me
    Texture: me


    1. screenshot_00007.png
    2. screenshot_00009.png

Recent Reviews

  1. SmellyMt7
    Version: 8
    nice mod dude !!. Can you make it for the pls for Vivace too !!
  2. Forced_Out90
    Version: 8
  3. RobloxFan2
    Version: 8
  4. paydenispoopoo
    Version: 7
    hey just wondering do you know if you could make one of the spike strips that are like a thin rectangle but grab onto the wheels? i really like this one but it doesn't work on my wheels sometimes. Thank you
    1. Neo
      Author's Response
      thanks for you honest review
  5. TheBlueS14
    Version: 6
    really fun to play around with but has texture issues currently.
    1. Neo
      Author's Response
      thanks for your feedback
  6. Dat-Mudkip
    Version: 6
    Useful, but currently has a texture issue that makes it look ugly.
    1. Neo
      Author's Response
      thanks for you feedback, I will consider making a better texture
  7. kokichbg
    Version: 6
    Hope that you will fix the textures because They didnt look fine,thanks in advance! :)
    1. Neo
      Author's Response
      Yep I will do that for sure, but it is a low priority for now.
  8. ulas119
    Version: 6
    my spike strip has broken textures and doesnt work
    1. Neo
      Author's Response
      Quote: Repository under maintenance - Things may not work correctly meanwhile
  9. Damiean Ron Lyons
    Damiean Ron Lyons
    Version: 6
    one of my favorite props.
    also one of the oldest, popular props of the forums.
    1. Neo
      Author's Response
      hey, thanks for the nice words :)
  10. alvin05
    Version: 4
    its a pain to set up but when you do set it up it works amazing :D
    1. Neo
      Author's Response
      Your feedback let me thought about this problem and I found a solution. Wait for the next Update, wich is coming really soon ;)
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