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Beta Sportek r218t 1.0

Pretty much a Porsche GT2 RS, but made in automation

  1. SmokingTiresGaming
    This is the best automation mod I've done! It's supposed to be a Porsche GT2 RS inspired car. It is rear wheel drive, rear engine twin turbo flat-6 just like the real deal! The curb weight is 1461kg (3221lbs), which is only about 9kg (20lbs) lighter than the real deal . Unlike the real deal the Sportek r218t is a 7-speed manual and the engine pumps out 835hp and revs all the way to 8500rpm. Because of the huge power the car has some thick semislicks and quite much downforce to assure good handling even in extreme situations. If you are feeling brave you can turn the stability control off, which lets you slide around. But keep in mind the car is rear engine which makes weight bias 41% front/59% rear. This means that the car can be quite unforgiving if you push it a too much over the limit. Otherwise the car is very sharp to drive and it corners very well, just like a Porsc...cough..cough..I mean Sportek should. After all I've made at least four versions of this car just to fine tune the handling.

    If you wonder why I named it Sportek, well it has the word sport in it and it sounds a bit German and Porsche like, so that's why.

    A trailer:

    Video by neilogical:

    screenshot_2019-06-11_14-43-44.png screenshot_2019-06-11_14-45-14.png screenshot_2019-06-11_14-46-09.png screenshot_2019-06-11_14-49-58.png screenshot_2019-06-11_14-50-45.png screenshot_2019-06-11_14-51-43.png screenshot_2019-05-24_19-45-33.png screenshot_2019-05-24_20-07-08.png screenshot_2019-06-10_18-11-20.png screenshot_2019-06-10_18-11-43.png screenshot_2019-06-10_18-15-41.png screenshot_2019-06-10_18-16-26.png screenshot_2019-06-10_18-16-50.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Angry_Bird
    Version: 1.0
    Just tested the car, great grip, great top speed (355 km/h airspeed), loved it! In this month I'll be releasing several mods, check out my resources!
  2. Solarisaircraft
    Version: 1.0
    One of the best-looking Automotive mods out there. Make a touring version!
    1. SmokingTiresGaming
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I'll make a touring version soon if I'm not feeling too lazy ;-)
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