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Outdated Sporty Lap 1.2

Autobello wants you to test their new race car.

  1. Vollkornbrot
    Sporty Lap
    standard version

    This is my first mod (scenario).
    I hope it works well for you.
    It could glitch when you load it.

    Autobello wants you to race the new race car.
    You need to be careful, because Sunburst could fire you.

    Average time: 4:00 min

    I wish you good luck and much fun playing this scenario.

Recent Updates

  1. Updated waypoints, new car

Recent Reviews

  1. Razac
    Version: 1.1
    Sadly I experience a bug with this scenario.

    I spawn below the map and all checkpoints are invisble.

    While disabling all mods the issue persists.
    1. Vollkornbrot
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review!
      I'll try to fix the bug in the next update.
  2. LucasBE
    Version: 1.1
    Nice for a first one, the only thing is that the brand is Hirochi and not Sunburst. Nice scenario tho.
    1. Vollkornbrot
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      I'll change that.
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