Beta Squall 2.0

Twin Turbo 350 pickup with selectable 4WD

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This trucks inspiration comes from a Silverado SS but brought back in time a bit with mimicked features from the Corvette C5 and older split square headlight pickups. It has a twin turbo 350 making a modest 441 horses and 522 ft/lbs of torque. This build is geared toward those who enjoy an easy cruiser that can also hang with its class at a track. Enjoy, and as always stay tuned for updates on this trucks hot lap around Hirochi's long course!


    1. Squall20photo1.png
    2. Squall20photo2.png
    3. Squall20photo3.png
    4. Squall20photo4.png

Recent Updates

  1. added interior and change paint
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