Alpha SRT_Gamers Custom 200BX Configs V1 1.0

The 200BX Wagon Mod is required!

  1. SRT_Gamer
    Some of you will maybe know me from the automation section.
    This is my first non-automation Mod, so if anything is wrong, let me know.
    Basically those are some configs with vanilla parts.
    Custom Beater
    Rusty Sleeper
    Custom Config
    and everything with a matress or as a wagon!

    RustySleeperWagon.jpg RustySleeperwithmatress.jpg RustySleeper.jpg SleeperWagon.jpg Sleeperwithmatress.jpg Sleeper.jpg SRT_CustomBeaterWagon.jpg SRT_CustomBeaterwithMatress.jpg SRT_CustomBeater.jpg SRT_CustomWagon.jpg SRT_CustomwithMatress.jpg SRT_Custom.jpg
    thanks for downloading!

Recent Reviews

  1. BabyTeethLFA
    Version: 1.0
    I did not try it yet, but I give u already 5 stars cause it's your first non automation resource lol
    1. SRT_Gamer
      Author's Response
      haha, thanks :P
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