Stableford Birdie 1.0

A golf cart available in 6 different variants

  1. RY4NDY
    A small golf cart, available in 4 stock variants and 2 non-stock variants.
    Powered by a ~25hp I4 connected to a single-speed gearbox, which gives it a top speed of 25 km/h. Each version has it's own range of colors and a custom (taken from the Pigeon) horn.
    They also all have working first-person view, so when you select camera 2 you'll actually see things from the driver's seat instead of from the hood.

    From left to right: Golf Standard, Golf Deluxe, Maintenance, Road-legal.

    Golf Standard

    The most basic golf variant, with bag holders in the rear and not much else on it.

    Golf Deluxe

    A more luxurious golf variant, featuring chrome trim parts, fake wire wheels, a front windshield, leather seat cushions and a radio.


    A basic maintenance vehicle like you'd see around a holiday resort, basically the same (lack of) equipment as the Golf Standard, but with some added storage/tool boxes and no roof.


    A factory-modified version that's allowed to drive on roads due to the addition of indicators, license plates, a mirror and a front windshield. The bag holders have been replaced by a storage rack.

    Maintenance beater

    "Ironic, he could save others from death being badly maintained, but not himself"


    An old Stableford Birdie that has been significantly modified to survive in the wasteland; it's been given a V8 engine from a URGA 64-T, 4-wheel-drive, bigger wheels and a lot of additional interior/exterior equipment.

    1. The first person camera shakes excessively on the versions without roof (Maintenance and Maintenance beater), this can be avoided by using the "relative" camera instead of the "driver" camera, but I don't know if/how it's possible to actually fix it.

    2. The rust spots (on Maintenance beater and Apocalypse) don't use their textures, and instead appear all white in BeamNG. This is an issue with Automation's rust mod, there's nothing I can do about it except hoping the mod gets updated so that I can re-export these 2 vehicles.
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