Stereo System 1.2

Play user added audio files (music, podcasts, etc) in any of the dev vehicles

  1. badriverequisite
    Note to "Openable Mod" Users:

    The controls for this mod become unbound when using the "Openable Mod" on that mod's supported vehicles. Simply rebind the controls for each of the vehicles that that mod supports to make this mod usable again.

    Version 1.2 Update:

    1. Fixed a bug that prevented the fourth track from being a random track when first starting a shuffle sequence.

    2. Added the ability for the stereo system to turn back on by itself after the engine stalls and then becomes un stalled without resetting the vehicle.

    3. The stereo system will now indicate if shuffle mode is on every time it turns on.

    Version 1.15 Update:

    1. Removed DualShock 4 bindings (originally used for development and testing purposes) that were accidentally left in the 1.1 version update.

    2. Discovery of audio files has been optimized (unnoticeable in game play).

    3. The GUI messages have been altered to be more consistent with the expected music folder naming convention.

    Version 1.1 Update:

    1. The volume of the tracks have been significantly boosted to be much louder.


    This is a mod that allows the user to play custom audio files (songs, podcasts, etc) aka tracks in game in any of the dev vehicles.

    Installation instructions:

    1. Go to C:\Users\[your_user_name]\AppData\Local\\[version_folder] and create a folder called music (DO NOT put any apostrophes, quotes, white spaces or any kind of special characters in the folder's name, just the letters m u s i c). If the user folder is else where just make the folder in the version_folder of that directory. As of this release the version_folder is 0.22.

    2. Put desired .mp3 and/or .wav files in the newly created music folder.

    3. Download this mod from the website and place it in the mods folder of C:\Users\[your_user_name]\AppData\Local\\[version_folder]. Then go into 'Repository' from the main menu and click on the mod 'Stereo System' and then click the 'Unpack' button. Alternatively, this mod can be subscribed to within game but either way it must be unpacked.

    Use Instructions:

    1. Hold down the 'Apostrophe' key to toggle on and off the stereo system. If the stereo system is on, tap the 'Apostrophe' key to play the next track.

    2. Tap the ';' key to restart the current track if it has been playing for more than 3 seconds or to play the previous track if it hasn't. The ';' key can also be held down to toggle on and off shuffle mode.

    4. Tap the '[' key to toggle on and off shuffle mode. The toggling of shuffle mode can be done with the stereo system on or off.

    5. Tap the ']' key to scan for tracks that have been recently added to the music folder. Note that it is not necessary to use this key every time a vehicle is loaded because the vehicle will scan for track files every time it is initially spawned or ‘Ctrl+R’ is hit to hard reset it. This key is only necessary if track files have been added while a vehicle is already loaded.

    6. The volume of the tracks can be adjusted by going into 'Options > Audio' and adjusting the 'Music Vol.' slider.

    Known Issues:

    1. The next track after the current one that is playing will not automatically play. By design the current track will restart after it ends. The reason that this is that way is because there is no way as far as can be determined to tell if an sfx source is playing or not in the Lua script provided by the devs. It is known that Torque3D supports this in its scripting language but it is not known how to use Torque scripts to create sfx sources via vehicle Lua. A possible solution is to calculate the duration of each track file but given variable bit rate .mp3 files scanning through them might severely lag the game when loading tracks. Ideally, the devs should just allow modders to see the playing status of an sfx source from Lua as well as getting its duration. Whenever something can be figured out this will change to be like a normal audio player and the looping of the currently playing track will become a toggle option.

    2. When using the driver camera the tracks are muffled and reduced in volume as if they're originating from outside of the vehicle. Even when placing a track's sfx source inside of the vehicle (the seat headrest node was tested) it still has this effect. Analysis of the "Better Sounds Mod" was attempted but the efforts were fruitless because the mod is defunct as of starting development of this mod. Searching through vehicle/lua files in the main directory of the game, it appears as though muffled sounds in the interior is not done in Lua but possibly in the game engine itself, which if so means nothing can be done until the devs allow modders to make interior sounds.

    3. When large amounts of traffic are loaded, switching from to another program and then switching back to or muting the music volume and then unmuting it will result in the currently playing track jumping to an earlier point in its playthrough as it resumes playing. This issue seems to be something that can only be fixed by the devs.


    1. If switching to another spawned vehicle with the intent of using it, DO NOT leave the stereo system on in the previous vehicle for it will still be playing and control of it will be lost until switching back to said vehicle. It is best advised to turn off the stereo system in the current vehicle before switching with the intention of using another spawned vehicle.

    2. There is a 'Toggle Stereo System' action that is unbound to conserve keyboard keys. Feel free to bind it to whatever key is desired. When bound it will allow for the toggling on and off of the stereo system when the key is pressed. Note that this binding will not be applied to all vehicles, just the one that was being used at the time of binding.

    3. The stereo system is designed to become unusable if the engine stalls or short if it is detected that the vehicle has been submerged in water for more than 4 seconds. The stereo system will not become unusable or short in an electric vehicle however.

    4. With each major update the music folder will have to be migrated to the new version folder under the AppData/Local/ directory given how the runtime file system works.

    5. Before updating this mod whenever it has an update, make sure to pack the previous version, then update and then unpack the new version. Otherwise there will be an unpacking collision and the latest update will not be functional in game play.





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Recent Reviews

  1. Techo
    Version: 1.2
    Looks like a great mod, however for me it keeps on saying "no tracks were added to the music folder" even when I have tracks in the correct folder and location.
    1. badriverequisite
      Author's Response
      Can you DM me about your issue?
  2. SQUID0420
    Version: 1.2
    i just now created music folder but i have a question where do i get the music from
    1. badriverequisite
      Author's Response
      There are many ways. You could rip music from old CDs that you have, purchase mp3s/wavs from online music services such as Spotify and YouTube Music, or you could torrent songs or even convert YouTube videos to mp3 files. Note that the last two options should only be done for non copyrighted materials.
  3. Masuo
    Version: 1.2
    awesome mod!
  4. undergroundleo
    Version: 1.15
    I really hope this mod gets worked on until we get an actual radio (or dvd screen) in every car! For now looks really promising! What would rock is for it to be able to play an actual stream from an internet radio station...
  5. DoritoPowahhhh
    Version: 1.15
    question, where should i put the music if i change the location of my userfolder?
    1. badriverequisite
      Author's Response
      If you change the location of your user folder, just put it in the version_folder of that directory. For example if your user folder is in Desktop you would put the music folder in Desktop/[my_user_folder]/[version_folder] (version_folder is 0.22 as of writing this). Thanks for the rating!
  6. krokodil_salesman
    Version: 1.15
    Great concept. Executed very well! Now all ya gotta do is implement an actual radio broadcast with switchable channels! And perhaps a display on the dash, like the "Beam Navigator," except it's an info-tainment screen! (kidding, this would take a lot of work with things I don't even know the name of. But maybe if some other folks with a variety of knowledge got involved it could come to fruition!) sorry.... I'm an enormous car audio geek;... Sweet mod, smooth as butter and def brings some ambience to the game!!!
  7. galaxynote2
    Version: 1.15
    I was going to complain because there wasn't an option to lower the music volume, until I've realized you can control it within the game settings. Amazing! So well integrated.

    How to enjoy this mod:
    -Download the Vice City soundtrack
    -Download the Vice City map
    -Set the ingame time to afternoon
    -Start cruising your gray ETK I-Series with Crockett's Theme in the stereo.
  8. Moonraker505
    Version: 1.15
    I cannot wait to see where this mod goes. Good on you for taking this challenge on as I am sure it is not easy! I look forward to the future and I hope you can figure out the muffled interior/exterior problem. If that is fixed in an update it will be amazing! Thanks for doing this.
  9. NathanielHofer
    Version: 1.15
    Love the mod! Works pretty good, I just have a feature request. Have you considered adding an option to have the sound appear muffled or inaudible when you are outside the car but being able to hear it when inside?
    1. badriverequisite
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Yes, I have actually thought about doing that but I first have to figure out how to get past the known issue of the music in the interior being quiet and muffled.
  10. p=p
    Version: 1.15
    can't get my head around the part were it it works and the keys i need to press
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