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Outdated Strato HMX 920 - Aerobatic Aircraft 3.0

Aerobatic flying at its best.

  1. 2.0! Many improvements! :)

    2.0 changelog

    -Lots and lots of jbeam changes and tweaks. Overall better stability, less jiggle. Tweaked lift and drag values, slightly better gliding capabilities now.

    -Added new liveries with many new color possibilities.

    -Implemented the new custom input system. You can now configure your controllers however you want. Includes mapping for the keyboard and Xbox controllers by default. I suggest you remove the now huge controls UI app, or completely hide the UI with Alt+U.

    -Implemented a more accurate engine (motor) simulation, using BeamNG's engine code base.

    -Added 4 variation presets in the vehicle selector. New thumbnail images, and more complete vehicle selector information.

    -Added a stall warning realistically based on Angle of Attack. Can be added or removed in the Parts configuration menu. It is Not equipped in the aerobatics variations by default.

    -Minor model and texture improvements. (e.g. internal tubes are now white).

    -Added belly-cam.

    -A lot of other minor stuff.

    Note: The 2 scenarios that used to be included have been removed. Mainly because they were broken (custom vehicle inputs don't work). I might release them again in the future (or not) as separate downloads. But on top of that, I intend to make new air races, maybe using inflated pylons? (https://goo.gl/Do20Kd) :p
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