Outdated Strato HMX 920 - Aerobatic Aircraft 3.0

Aerobatic flying at its best.

  1. 3.0 - Fixes and improvements

    • Now properly working in 0.9.0.X versions of BeamNG.drive
    • Double colour selection for the liveries (via the Vehicle Customisation menu)
    • (internal changes) The aircraft now uses the powertrain jbeam system, and a custom lua vehicle controller.
    • Working elevator, aileron, and rudder trim thanks to the default airplane lua controller.
    • Added fuel system and fuel tanks simulation. You can select the initial fuel quantities in the Tunning tab of the Customisation menu. Fuel quantity affects the weight and performance of the aircraft. Working cockpit fuel gauges (left one for the central (acro) tank, right one for the wing tanks, combined).
    • Changes/improvements to the flying characteristics.
    • General jbeam improvements
    • Stall warning now present in all of the versions. (can be disabled through the parts selector)
    • Minor texture changes.
    • Other more minor stuff
    Thanks to Diamondback for his help with the powertrain system and lua controllers.
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