Outdated Strato HMX 920 - Aerobatic Aircraft 3.0

Aerobatic flying at its best.

  1. 3.0 - Fixes and improvements

    • Now properly working in 0.9.0.X versions of BeamNG.drive
    • Double colour selection for the liveries (via the Vehicle Customisation menu)
    • (internal changes) The aircraft now uses the powertrain jbeam system, and a custom lua vehicle controller.
    • Working elevator, aileron, and rudder trim thanks to the default airplane lua controller.
    • Added fuel system and fuel tanks simulation. You can select the initial fuel...
  2. Fixed Locked Wheels Bug

    Fixed the "Locked Wheels" Bug that appeared in BeamNG v 0.7 and made taking off pretty much impossible.

    That's it.

    Enjoy. Fly Safe.

  3. 2.1 - Fix for BeamNG 0.6 + Fire Simulation + Damage Improvements

    -Now working in BeamNG 0.6
    -Implemented Fire Simulation
    -Improved Damage. Aircraft is slightly more fragile on impacts now.
    -Added input filters for ailerons, elevators and rudder controls. Improving the controls when using keyboard.
    -Other minor stuff.
  4. 2.0! Many improvements! :)

    2.0 changelog

    -Lots and lots of jbeam changes and tweaks. Overall better stability, less jiggle. Tweaked lift and drag values, slightly better gliding capabilities now.

    -Added new liveries with many new color possibilities.

    -Implemented the new custom input system. You can now configure your controllers however you want. Includes mapping for the keyboard and Xbox controllers by default. I suggest you remove the now huge controls UI app, or completely hide...
  5. Updated for version :)

    Delete any older versions of this mod in your mod folder.
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