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Beta Stubby-T Series 0.82

Stubby but can still haul.

  1. crashmaster
    This mod is inspired from the "Stubby Bob" from the youtube show Roadkill
    This mod adds a short "stubby" version of the T series with an optional rear engine.
    Its using some of the Customizable engine parts mod which is located here:
    (Thanks for letting me use it :) )

    It has multiple fuel tank options
    screenshot_00926.png screenshot_00928.png screenshot_00923.png

    It has a few configs but also has a few extra parts added.
    Drag Config, has the grip of the tires from the moonhawk's dragster wheels and does sick wheelies.
    Sleeper config has a raised rear suspension and a sleeper cab in the back.
    Stock Config has the stock front engine and the trailer attachment.
    Drift Config is made for fun, it has the powerful rear engine but the stock rear tires so it can spin out easily and also make sweet drifts ;)
    Rear Engine Config has the stock rear engine and stock wheels.

    Few screenshots :)
    screenshot_00919.png screenshot_00920.png
    screenshot_00933.png screenshot_00989.png screenshot_00986.png screenshot_00983.png screenshot_00982.png screenshot_00058.png screenshot_00057.png

    Awesome Video made by @CaptanW

    Awesome Video made by SpeirsTheAmazingHD

    PT #2

    Awesome Video made by Neilogical

    Awesome Video made by predagator

    Known Bugs:
    When the right fuel tank breaks the left one dissapears too.

    Why is this in beta?
    Im planning on adding a bit more to this mod. Maybe the mixer body and the cargo box and as of now this is all ive done and i wanted to share my work. if you have any suggestion i would be more then happy to hear about it :)

    @warkus Customizable Engines and Drivetrains mod
    Beamng: few mesh and t-series
    Me: Stubby T custom parts and jbeam
    @CreasingCurve : New powerful engine (thank you very much)

Recent Updates

  1. V8 removal.
  2. Major Update (0.8 compatibility+ton of new stuff)
  3. fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Divepunk
    Version: 0.82
    Tis' a good mod, the shorter wheel base works well for my V12 2-stroke 4100RPM 4WD Rig. it's Lighter as well then the next shortest BeamNG Official frame, yet still retains the strength of the T-series frame. Thing is still heavy but the lighter weight is noticeable. (Had this mod in the past years back. I used it a little bit then not alot for whatever reason didn't bother to make a review).

    Now onto why I rated the current version @ 4 instead of 5 stars as much as I like the mod.

    Re downloaded it recently. First thing I noticed is when I applied it to my off-road rig with the V12. the engine died. The fuel tank slot was empty I fixed that, engine still died(only engine(s) that came with the mod would work). So I went to the files of the mod, found the "semi_fueltanks_R", and "semi_fueltanks_side" jbeams. First I changed all that said gasoline to diesel. After more failed testing I changed anywhere it says "mainTank to "mainTankR" in the "semi_fueltanks_R.jbeam". Then I went to "semi_fueltanks_side.jbeam" and changed "mainTank" to mainTankL.

    Now altering the maintank names thing worked! At least for all engines other then the ones that come with the mod those do not work anymore. I spose if you wanted that you could edit one fueltanks jbeam and leave the other alone. Then you'd have some tank(s) work for most engines and other tank(s) work for the engines from this mod.

    Anyway it is a good mod just outdated, but a little tweaking helps to get it more operational with all engines. Though I dono what to do about the Pickup Frame, and Stubby T Day Cab not working. Perhaps hope for an update... Even if it has been over 3 years since this mod had one.

    I will still say keep up the good work, and please update this soon. Players out there still utilize this mod especially since there isn't anything else like this for the T-series weather you wanna launch and point the front end to the sky, or offroad better then a Ford Raptor.
  2. mrbubu11
    Version: 0.82
    The pickup with these truck axles, basically yhe Ford F650. Amazing mod, keep it up.
  3. mustang flyer
    mustang flyer
    Version: 0.82
  4. Blue_Guy
    Version: 0.82
    Just curious, is the name a reference to Stubby Bob from roadkill?
  5. ShinyKirb_y
    Version: 0.82
    to d series or to t series that is the question
  6. BeamCarHomeTrade
    Version: 0.82
    now dis is EPIK xD
  7. corboian
    Version: 0.82
    Awesome! Do you think there's a way to extend the sleeper cab?
  8. PineappleKat
    Version: 0.82
  9. Ovahlls
    Version: 0.82
    "Stubbied" upon this accidentally while searching for it in the land vehicles section.
  10. fataldeath33
    Version: 0.82
    This thing is MINT!
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