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Beta Stubby-T Series 0.82

Stubby but can still haul.

  1. V8 removal.

    I accidentally kept the unfinished v8 in the update, which broke a few things. its now removed. its all thats been changed.
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  2. Major Update (0.8 compatibility+ton of new stuff)

    Sorry for the long delay, there was a lot to do. :)
    This update brings compatibility for 0.8 and adds the D-Series to the Stubby-T
    This update adds 9 new configs
    The Extended cab is more extended then the stock Extended cab in BeamNG.
    This is the Extended cab but without a bed, it also has a small front engine which is called the mini, its a series of engine created by mini inc. which makes smaller version of the normal size engine without performance cost.
    This is a...
  3. fix

  4. Moderation : thumbnail fix

    Moderation : thumbnail fix
  5. Renamed parts

    Just renamed some of the parts since it was overwriting some of the official parts by accident.
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