Beta Sunburst 2.5 & 3.6 liter engines + extras 0.03.5

Adds two naturally aspirated engines forged at Mount Fuji to help make the Sunburst brighter.

  1. Grams79

Recent Reviews

  1. Madrias
    Version: 0.03.2
    Exactly what I was looking for! Now the Sunburst has some good boxer engines for a good bit of extra fun.
    1. Grams79
      Author's Response
      I agree! Thanks :D
  2. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 0.02.6
    nice but the F4 is listed as an I4 and H6 sounds like I6
    1. Grams79
      Author's Response
      You are correct about the flat-4 titled as inline-4... can't believe I missed that one. lol Thanks!!
      And the engine sound are game default from the I4 and I6 engines until custom sounds can be worked out. I do have custom sounds for both in the works.
  3. maxikinggamer12
    Version: 0.02.2
    sound aint right
    1. Grams79
      Author's Response
      sound is default Sunburst for now.... custom sounds are back in the garage again because they were not satisfactory... but the rumble was not bad so we have something.. lol
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