Beta Sunburst 2.5 & 3.6 liter engines + extras 0.03.5

Adds two naturally aspirated engines forged at Mount Fuji to help make the Sunburst brighter.

  1. H6 engine ECU added

    Changes in version 0.03.5 include:
    1. EZ36D stock ECU added.
    2. Minor changes to sound configuration for both engines.
  2. Sound upgrades for both engines, as requested

    Changes in version 0.03.2 include:
    1. Sound upgrades for EJ253/EZ36D generated by Automation.
    2. Major changes to both engine sound configurations.
    3. Minor change misspelled title I4 to F4.
  3. Minor changes rpm / idle and component titles

    Changes in version 0.02.6 include:
    1. Changes to EJ253/EZ36D max RPM and idle RPM.
    2. Changes to component titles and title format.
  4. Minor changes to EJ253

    Changes in version 0.02.3 include:
    Minor adjustments to the EJ253 i-AVLS power curve to gain more power starting from 1500-2500 rpm simulating the mid-high lobes.
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