Sunburst diesel engine (incl. Taxi) 1.1

This mod add a 2.0 liter diesel engine to the Sunburst

  1. synsol
    This mod add a 2.0 diesel engine , available in tdi 120 , tdi 150, Tdi 190s and tdi chip tuner.

    To instal simply drag the zip into your mods file .

    Update v1.1
    Added a Italian Taxi variant with his sign and skin, updated thumbnails

    Update v1.0

    Major update ! Updated all the engines , turbo and gearbox, added sound, intake and exhaust support, updated configs.

    Update v0.6
    Updated all the engines , turbo and gearbox for to match real values !

    Update v0.4
    Updated all the engines , turbo and gearbox for better realism !

    Update v0.3

    - Engine and turbo are near final vesion , i'm going back from the beggining and i'm happy with the result (tdi 120hp / 290nm , tdi 150hp / 370nm and tdi 190hp / 390nm)

    - The Tdi 190 have a turbo "twin scrool" and the "Chip tuned" version too

    - Gearbox ratio from Bmw E87 118D and 120d Bv6 , not perfect still WIP need help i'm not hable to have "normal" max speed

    - No more Dct7 for the moment and wip cvt

    - Some missing parts adjusted


    Update v0.2
    -Engine and gearbox update , still Wip i'm still not happy with the gearbox ratio (help needed)
    -All new Tdi 190s (dct7 / Awd sporty version)

    -New dct7 gearbox
    -Tdi 125 become Tdi 120 just because !

    Initial release 08/01/2015 v0.1 Beta testing

    I try to do my best with the new engine jbeam , but feel free to propose some adjustements.

    include :
    - wip 2.0 diesel engine with 3 turbo add-on (120hp , 150hp , 190hp and variable chip tunned)
    - wip 6mt for diesel
    - wip DCT7 for diesel

    planned :
    - Re textured engine

    - smoother torque curve

    My other Mods :
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Recent Reviews

  1. MuddyMan
    Version: 1.0
    Yes! thanks for updating these, i was looking forward to adding more diesels into my game but modded ones didn't have the sound. ty :)
  2. RetroStevie
    Version: Version 0.7
    Really nice engines, I love these diesel mods!
  3. Youngtimer
    Version: Version 0.7
    Make ETK I-Series Diesel!
    1. synsol
      Author's Response
      Yes I want to !
  4. Fred Capozello
    Fred Capozello
    Version: Version 0.7
    118d? 120d? What are those? Jk, I'm 'MURICAN tho so the lowest end model they sold here is the 128i. Hell they don't sell the hatchback 1 here.
  5. AdamB
    Version: Version 0.7
    I knew you would one day update this! :D
  6. Fm1055
    Version: Version 0.5
    very good mod (can you do a d-series diesel please)
  7. BlondeOfHazzard
    Version: Version 0.4
    its a really good mod, but needs realistic diesel sounds
  8. Man573
    Version: Version 0.4
    Good idea because there is no diesel vehicles with th basic BeamNgDrive
  9. InFiNiTy
    Version: 0.2
    The mod is good. The idea is also great. But i got a issue with the sound. At around 3000rpm the engine sounds like an aggressive bug which attacks me. All under 3000rpm gave me no sound at all.

    If you could fix that and give it a nice TDI or even TDCI sound, im going to rerate it to full 5 Stars :)
  10. JONONY
    Version: 0.2
    nice mod friend!
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