Sunburst KX240 SI-R 1.0

The Vtec sedan

  1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    "Sunburst Automotives is a rising car company that was founded by Rumble and Apollo in 1880. The members of Sunburst Automotives are constantly working to pull out the best cars in the automotive industry. Their first best seller iconic cars are the Sunburst Luxtera and Econa"

    This car was fully Designed by Rostyslav And engineered by Rumble.

    Sunburst Automotives presents: The Sunburst KX240 SI-R a vtec sports dean aimed at teens that just want to have some fun on a track or closed public roads.. or maybe the Autobahn.

    Full spec list: A naturally aspirated inline 4 VTEC engine producing 145HP
    An engine that revs up to 7500RPM
    A standard interior with standard options
    Abs and standard 90's safety
    Sports suspension and a FWD Drivetrain.
    A top speed of 165MPH
    A 0-60 time of: 7.92 seconds

    The Sunburst KX240 SI-R is the perfect car for someone that needs speed and confort at a very reasonable price.

    The Interior makes no compromises and it manages to keep that feeling of safety and coziness. That unless you step on the gas pedal that is and then the 1.8 VTEC inline 4 unleashes its true power.

    Despite the car being FWD, We here are sunburst promise that it keeps a safe balance between understeer and oversteer using our own handmade technologies.

    Don't get fooled by the N/A engine of the car.. it will perform just a good as a turbocharged car if not even better.

    All of this comes at the very cheap of 15000€ (VAT Included). And if you bring an old Sunburst car and proof that you've owned it for more than 7 years you will be able to buy it for only 12000€

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    "Sunburst.. for the passionate people"
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