Outdated Sunburst Rear-Mounted Radiator 0.7.1

A more durable radiator for the Sunburst

  1. Compatibility 1

    • compatibility fixes for the 5.4 update
  2. Rallycross and Refinements

    This is a big update; hope ya'll like it
    • Added two new variants: Rallycross and Rallycross custom
    • Added several new parts including air ducts and a new funnel
    • Added animated radiator fans
    • Added new vehicle icons (they now look more like the stock thumbnails)
    • Tweaked thermal settings for both radiators and all additional parts
    • (Hopefully) fixed some texture problems
    • Remodeled various parts to look a bit better and to reduce unnecessary polygons
  3. fixes and additions

    • Separated the radiator from the side-box-thingies and made them into their own part
    • Removed more unneeded jbeam entries as well as some unused meshes
    • Tweaked air speed from the radiator fans to be more accurate
    • Reorganized the body part layout to prevent being able to equip the rear radiator on the standard Unibody part
    • Fixed some small mesh and jbeam problems
    • Added more components (air intake pipes, exterior funnel, etc) to the high-performance radiator to increase...
  4. UnConflicted

    Fixed conficting jbeam files.
  5. Renamed and Removed

    Removed more unneeded entries
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