Beta Sunburst Rock Crawler 0.1.5

Hopper: Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  1. Doors for the D-Series and fixes

    Added the tube and fabric doors to the D-Series and added some more support beams to the running boards
  2. Front suspension de-sitff and more stuff

    Front suspension is no longer extremely stiff thanks to @monobrau for pointing out the beams causing it

    Added some damping beams to the front bumper and rock sliders to stop or at least minimize vibrations
  3. Beam Deforming and Some other bits and bobs

    Fixed some beams deforming upon spawn
    Edited the rollcage mesh a bit
    Fixed transmission and transfercase issues

    Known bugs that haven't been fixed yet/won't be fixed due to various reasons:
    Sway bar issues
    Lightbar beam problems

    Beams that can't exist like on the headlights
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