Beta Sunshine Island 2021_19_12

The old menu level, with a few houses and trees

  1. Update

    Re-discovered this, brought it a little up to date :)
    (No PBR to keep the atmosphere)
  2. Update

    Did a thing, idk I don't remember.
    Probably a bugfix or smth.
    Also removed herobrine
  3. A few fixes

    - Fixed tree/general vegetation rendering distance:


    Reported by @ltntai, thank you!
    - Fixed a few tree/grass issues with the dirt paths
  4. Big content update!

    Welcome to Sunshine Island, a place where you can
    do nothing else than simply drive around for three minutes
    and see everything that this map has to offer!
    No, seriously. There's little to nothing on this map,
    other than a few houses and trees.

    Anyways, here are a few pictures:
    BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640502202120_26_21.png BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640502202120_26_32.png BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640502202120_26_39.png BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640502202120_26_52.png BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640502202120_27_04.png BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640502202120_27_18.png

    It's not that great of a map, it's only...​
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