Unsupported SuperDragon's Forn config pack 1.4

uses the 6.0 diesel mod

  1. finally back!

    lots of new stuff just check it out!
  2. 10 Speed! and side exit exhaust

    This update adds the 10 speed with correct gear ratios to the F-150 (both variants) and the velociraptor. And gives the F-250 and up side exit exhausts.
  3. another mistake

    so I kinda put in a transfer case for the FX4 configs and the F-450 and Diesel Dog that is actually a modded transfer case which I have no idea which mod it is with ( called something like the G-series) so that is all that is new.
  4. velociraptor

    now we have the velociraptor a fast dune racing machine

    the diesel dog is now actually called the diesel dog instead of max tow
  5. First Large Update

    General changes:
    all FX4 variants now have a lower geared transfer case and fixed rear driveshafts and since the mod got updated they now have a better transmission that allows more slip when starting allowing much better acceleration and they also allow you to pull more in high without bogging down.

    F-250 changes:

    changed this...
  6. restrictions

    so I can't post real brand names oops so i changed the name to Forn
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