Outdated SUPERNOS 1.1

Not enough boost.

  1. Godzilla!
    You'll laugh out loud at LOL's nitrous systems.

    Equip this under the "Additional Modification" slot in Vehicle Customization. This is so your engine doesn't instantly explode from over-torque.

    You should also install Smatdude13's Extra/Variable Grip Tires mod to benefit the nitrous (optional).


    Info: SUPERNOS is the next generation of nitrous oxide systems (and cooling). Built using tech that is only meant to government use, SUPERNOS nitrous systems can boost up to 1,500 kW of raw power into any car you dare to choose. Equip this with SUPERNOS' special 'unlimitedlb' bottles and cooling systems and you'll turn your daily driver into an ultimate street weapon. Use this for drag racing, drifting events, getting away from cops, putting off-site cars to shame, annoying your neighbors and breaking Christian von Koenigsegg's records.


    Highlights: Adds a new adjustable nitrous oxide system to all official cars that can handle 3 times the power as the current one while offering bottles with unlimited amounts of nitrous and superior cooling.
    -0 to 1,500 kW of extra power (3 times the amount of the vanilla nitrous, ADJUST THIS IN TUNE MENU).
    -Unlimited nitrous.
    -Red nitrous bottle.
    -Oil Coolers, Radiators and "Supercoolers" (radiators with oil coolers combined) that will fully prevent overheating of block, oil and coolant (unless they are damaged or if vehicle is on fire).
    -Supports all official cars.
    -No overwriting.


    Mod showcase by Neilogical.

    Didn't seem to adjust the shot size at all, it defaults at 75 kW.

    Crash comp mod showcase by Insanegaz.

    Installation: Just download it and place it in your Mods folder or click Subscribe with the in-game repository. CLEARING CACHE RECOMMENDED

    Requires BeamNG 0.11 (November 23, 2017) or newer AND CrazyFlySquid's Indestructible Engine Blocks mod!

    Notice: Not all cars can handle 1,500 kW of power or anything close to it. Be careful when using cars that have no rev limiters. PIGEON'S POWERTRAIN IS VERY UNSTABLE WITH HIGH SHOT SIZES.
    Only supports official vehicles and certain mods using them atm. Third-party vehicles will be added once they are updated aswell. Make sure the Indestructible Engine Blocks mod is installed and equipped to the car as an "Additional Modification."


    Cars used in pictures are from GPACK Addition, the Ibishu Twoima mod and the Beamic Park Hopper mod, all of which created by me. No vehicle configurations are present in this mod.

    WARNING: When using SUPERNOS systems, make sure you have the proper SUPERNOS branded cooling systems and Indestructible Engine Blocks mod to prevent sudden engine explosions, we can't guarantee our systems will prevent overheating from vehicular fires. Not recommended for use in cars that do not have engine rev limiters. SUPERNOS Inc is not held responsible for any accident, fatal or not, caused by our systems. Be safe on the road, wear your seat belts and for Godzilla's sake please don't text while driving.

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  1. V1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. tornadoguy2002
    Version: 1.1
    always loved this mod but why doesn't it support the bluebuck? also it would be amazing if it supported the cars coming to beamng in the future
  2. lil Nobody
    lil Nobody
    Version: 1.1
    Now I can feel like fast and furious...in beamNG.drive
  3. Slimeboy2015
    Version: 1.1
    this mod is so good i have not used the normal Nos since this mod came out! this mod in amazing!
  4. Szymon2007
    Version: 1.1
    well i used it on a covet for like 5 minutes without the indestructible engine
  5. Gettrolled128
    Version: 1
    Love it. Do you know if anyone has an indestructible driveshaft mod? clutch and transmission would be useful too. If not, possibly you could make them haha
    1. Godzilla!
      Author's Response
      We'll see, some cars like the Pigeon are in desperate need of stronger powertrain parts.
  6. kaytc
    Version: 1
    Absolutely amazing. Wouldn't mind if I could ramp it up past 1500kw though
    1. Godzilla!
      Author's Response
      I originally had it at 3,000 max but every car seemed to be very unstable above 1,500 (rough launches and unsteady acceleration with driveshafts, axles and the clutch failing rather quickly). I'll look into this more in the future. c;
    Version: 1
    Dude I'm form Turkey and i don't understand anything and how can i use it?
    1. Godzilla!
      Author's Response
      It adds a more adjustable/powerful nitrous into the game.

      Equip it like other parts (along with the Indestructible Engine Block part) and then adjust the shot size (power) in the Tune menu.
  8. CrazyFlySquid
    Version: 1
    Great for launching cars to Mars!
  9. TopKick
    Version: 1
    When you at car meet with yo covet and the guy with the sunburst ask how big a shot of nos you got... and you tell em... 1500 shot. And then he laughs cause he don't believe you. Then you launch that covet right into space.
    10/10 would make the covet a rocket again. Lol, jokes aside this is my new favorite mod. Just because it puts a smile on my face to watch a covet got over 200mph.
  10. Dean Wang
    Dean Wang
    Version: 1
    will it fit in my covet ?
    1. Godzilla!
      Author's Response
      yes, yes it will
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