Unsupported Suspect Pursuits Scenario Pack V1.1.1

Escape police vehicles in different locations

  1. Darthbob555
    Escape police interceptors in different locations with different vehicles. This is an opposite role of the other scenario pack I made. This pack will be updated with more scenarios over time.

    Disclaimer: the AI is very random - sometimes they will bust you within ten seconds and sometimes they will crash - I can't really do much about that so you've been warned!
    Also, there are NO trees to combat this problem! (NB: as of V1.1 - under review)

    Also, if you get the reference to the names of the scenarios - congrats!

    Run to the Hills (difficulty 45/100):

    "You have been caught shipping in illegal car parts! Get to the top of jungle rock island where one of your safehouses exist before the police arrests you!"


    Hard Target (difficulty 65/100):

    "You have just finished an illegal rally course and the police are onto you! Take your base edition of the pessima to one of your safehouses - it may even be the last time you use it!"


    Blacklisted (difficulty 65/100):

    "You have managed to get on the wanted list for the police and now they are sending a faster police car after you. The SBR is much faster than your 200BX though you have the power of the "all mighty wing" on your car. You will need to get to your safehouse over the ocean before you are busted - there is makeshift bridge to allow you to get there."


    Thanks to @Scepheo for the Lua and TorqueScript help
    Thanks to @LuisAntonRebollo for the collision refreshing function
    The rest - me


Recent Updates

  1. removed forests
  2. Blacklisted fix

Recent Reviews

  1. DutchRacer98
    Version: V1.1.1
    Its a good start but Hard target isnt that hard just over 2 minutes to finish .

    Maybe some more chases and harder missions But overall great mod.
  2. The_Surviv0r
    Version: V1.1.1
    Pretty fun!
  3. _Driver7_
    Version: V1.1.1
    Very fun to play, not as easy as playing with a controller or a 900 degree wheel, but I did decent with the keyboard. =D
  4. RustyRenesis
    Version: V1.1.1
    Great Scenarios!! Add my times to the Records!!
    Run to the Hills: 2:30:50
    Hard Target: 1:06:09
    Blacklisted: 3:00:03 (Hardest Scenario)
    And all were done with a 900ยบ Wheel!!
  5. khalifaplay
    Version: V1.0
    Good to see new scenarios not parkour or chase something but the opposite
    people dont understand that he didnt make the ai and its still in wip
    but they still blame the mod creator for the bugs...
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      I think I have found a decent solution (aka. get rid of the trees) so that AI doesn't crash as often. Just need to do a few programming things and the update will be on the way. Thanks for the nice comment :)
  6. Maximus;)
    Version: V1.0
    Not bad... But the AI usually doesn't work correctly. I'm waiting for updates
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Should be out soon :)
  7. Red exhaust
    Red exhaust
    Version: V1.0
    "Blacklisted" does not even work. The cars that are supposed to chase you won't move. "Hard target" Works poorly. The police car smashes itself to a rock or a bush in 9 out of 10 times. "Run to the hills" is the only one that works. The police car follows you, but you can easily dump it in the water and drive to your destination without much of a challenge.

    If you fix these issues I would surely give a better rating.
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      I understand the issues that you have stated but:

      A) - I cannot make the AI work any better than it currently does
      B) - The AI work on a basis where the police will take as much speed as possible to collide with you, meaning that a turn in the road causes them to crash
      C) - The MOD is in Beta, meaning that things are subject to change and therefore I would be grateful if you bear this in mind

      I understand the issues you face and they are being fixed as soon as possible. I am also confused as to why the "blacklisted" scenario doesn't work considering I have tried it numerous times on 2 different computers. I will of course revise these issues but would at least like to state that please bear in mind these limitations.
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