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Beta Swapgear 200BX Touge Skin Simplistic 0.51

A Simplistic Swapgear Touge Skin For The 200BX

  1. Raidoactivebleach
    My first Skin for the 200BX not the best looking thing


    1. BeamNGdrivex642017-10-1012-49-58-483.jpg
    2. BeamNGdrivex642017-10-1012-50-05-852.jpg
    3. BeamNGdrivex642017-10-1012-50-20-819.jpg
    4. BeamNGdrivex642017-10-1012-50-27-383.jpg
    5. BeamNGdrivex642017-10-1012-50-31-496.jpg
    6. BeamNGdrivex642017-10-1012-49-58-483.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Moderation : Fixes
  2. Moderation : Fixes
  3. Moderation : Fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. SubaruSTI07™
    Version: 0.51
    who is swapgear and the quality of this mod is pretty crap
    1. Raidoactivebleach
      Author's Response
      He is you
  2. Mitsubishi Super Great
    Mitsubishi Super Great
    Version: 0.51
    Eurobeat intensifies
    1. Raidoactivebleach
      Author's Response
      funny thing is i never watched Initial D
  3. kaiser imnop
    kaiser imnop
    Version: 0.51
    Well ignore haters
    Ur new at skin and its absolutly perfect i love it
    1. Raidoactivebleach
  4. LucasBE
    Version: 0.51
    Don't listen to the haters, It's a great skin considering you probably don't have experience in this domain... Consider making more skins and not posting them so you can experience things and make them even better! And if someone still hates, it's probably because he can't make a skin so...
    1. Raidoactivebleach