SZR Zandak Epsilon E420S (electric motor direct drive) 1.0

First attempt to make twin motor electric car on Automation

  1. bitelaserkhalif
    SZR Zandak E420S Epsilon

    A luxurious electric crossover with twin motor or single motor.

    180bhp/390bhp in front, 390bhp in rear.
    323nm/430nm front motor, 430nm rear.
    Top speed is 206 km/h (approx.)

    By default spawns with 180bhp+390bhp resulting in 570bhp+753nm total.
    Upgraded two 390bhp motor results in 780bhp+860nm total.
    Direct drive, no gearbox included. Just using shaft and diff.
    FWD/RWD/AWD. Working traction control system.
    Added locking differential.
    60kwh lithium ion battery.

    Driver camera are repositioned.

    Modeled interior.

    Some quirks:
    • I removed the engine mesh + exhaust pipe by editing car jbeam file. It's not that perfect, but at least it worked.
    • Weird mesh issue near front left wheel.
    Beam.NG team for eSBR and Vivace (electric) jbeam
    Camshaft Software for base car.
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