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Outdated T-series Dragster 1.51

Apart from other dragsters, this goes 0-100 *caugh* 0-600 in 10 seconds!

  1. Fire update

    V-1.2 Fire Update
    This is a small update that changes the slot and name for the wheeliebar, and it may not disappear anymore.
    Added exhaust for the stripped config.
    This update adds fire ontop of the exhaust-stacks.
    (Slot Engine-Exhaust-Drag Exhaust)
    As well as a config "T65 Fire Drag (A)"
    There are now 8 extra exhaust endpoints, for all you rolling-coal-lovers out there. :) (If this lags too much you can unequip this under Frame-Engine-Exhaust-Exhaust)
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