Outdated T-series Dragster 1.51

Apart from other dragsters, this goes 0-100 *caugh* 0-600 in 10 seconds!

  1. 0.11 Fix

    The mod is updated and ready for 0.11!

    I've fixed some issues with the transmission and engine overall, should be running smoother now.

    Edited tires to work on normal tarmac, and they are also less glitchy.

    Added a 13.8L V8 Engine.

    Known Issues:
    The firedrag config doesn't work.
    It wont go over 1000 kmh (600mph).
    Sometimes after it glitches out there's a really loud and strange sound.

    If you find any other issues please report them under the "Discussion" tab.


    1. 20171129110216_1.jpg
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