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Beta T-series More Engines Mod 2.7

2-stroke power or modern efficiency

  1. Custom automatic logic and other improvements

    • Supercharger separated from 2-stroke engines
    • More supercharger options added to parts selector
    • Custom TC lockup logic, courtesy of @default0.0player
  2. 0.17 Update

    • New starter sounds and settings added
    • Gavril TEX retuned with more realistic torque curve, now actually makes more torque than the TCX
  3. Minor improvments and fixes

    • Torque curves improved for jargl engines
    • Jargl Smart-Shift transmission now only usable in manual mode due to shift logic acting odd with so many gears
    • Jargl 6-speed automatic improved
  4. 0.16 update for real this time

    • Actually fixed sounds for new sound system
    • Updated configs for new parts
  5. 0.16 update

    • Updated engine sounds for new sound system
    • Fixed things broken by update
  6. Forgot to remove test files

    Removed a few test parts I accidentally left in the mod
  7. More sounds

    • Added Detroit Diesel 12v71 sound for the V12 diesel, courtesy of @Semi_Sound_Doctor
    • Added Volvo FH sounds for the Jargl engines, courtesy @Tronadorous
  8. New models and sounds

    This update brings some major changes, including turbocharger models for the 2-stroke diesels, and new 2-stroke engine sounds from @Semi_Sound_Doctor . The full list of changes is as follows:
    • New Turbocharger models for V8 and V12 diesels
    • New Engine sounds for V8 and V12 diesels, taken from a DD 8v71 mod created by @Semi_Sound_Doctor. The full mod can be found...
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