Outdated T Series Semi "Race/Performance" Package 0.5 (04/20/2016)

T Series "Performance" Package (A few engines, and transmissions)

  1. Josh
    T Series semi "race/performance" package​

    The default "drag" config is based on the "short" T65 but, all included parts are compatible with all versions.
    • Added performance engine (1000-1500 HP)
    • Added Race engine (4xxx-5xxx HP) (if held wide open throttle for awhile it will overheat and its very easy to overheat hence "race" engine name.)
    • Added HD front rear axle
    • Added HD rear leaf springs
    • Added rear "Drag" tires
    • Added front rear axle locked diff
    • Added 8 speed automatic (based off of ZF- 8HP)
    • Adjusted engine thermals
    • Added 2 types of rear tires for the rear front axle
    • Added 13 Speed Eaton manual
    • Added locked front rear axle diffs
    UPDATE 3/22/2016​
    • Added Race Radiator
    • Added 6.4 Powerstroke (310 tune) (torque curve)
    • Added 5R110W Torqshift 5 Speed Automatic (for 6.4)
    • Adjusted shift times on 8 speed automatic
    UPDATE 4/17/2016
    • New OTF (on the fly) "tuning"
    • Every option has a wide ranch of choice
    • Tuning for engine/transmission, radiator/oil cooler
    What does this update do?​

    Have you ever wanted to "tune" your engine/transmission in beam, without getting in to the "foreign language" of what we call "jbeam"? well now you can "tune" your vehicle without exiting out of the game via the tuning menu..

    Essentially putting you in control of whats "going on" with the vehicle.

    See see screenshots

    4/19/2016 (waiting for approval)

    Updated for 0.5.4
    • Added 2.21 Welded rear diff
    • Added 3.73 welded rear diif
    • Added 4.88 welded rear diff
    • Renamed "drag" tires to "HD"


    1. DRAG.PNG
    2. drag_semiPNG.PNG
    3. engine_semi.PNG
    4. Transmission_semi.PNG
    5. Capture.PNG
    6. Capture1.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vital
    Version: 0.5 (04/20/2016)
    Much need it, but how did you get the other options such as throttle sensitivity??
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Hello you can access those options via the tuning menu.

      Make sure you ethier have the "performance" or "race" engine selected. If you need anymore help, comment in the discussion thread for this mod via the "discussion" tab. Thanks
  2. youdidwhat!!
    Version: 0.3
    can u fix the clutch slipping if u put any sort of stress on the truck the clutch slipps
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Which transmission are you using? Make sure your using the Eaton 13 speed, the stock transmissions will slip as it not meant to be behind the the "performance" engine. Please reply in the discussion thread, Thanks.
  3. WafflesTheLegend
    Version: 0.3
    All i can say is it beat the moonhawk
  4. Bubba Gump
    Bubba Gump
    Version: 0.2
    What map is that drag strip on?
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Rock Falls
  5. hockey6464
    Version: 0.2
    very fun to drive. Could you tell me where you got the drag track in the second picture or provide a download link at all?
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Rock Falls
  6. Alaskan_With_Salmon
    Version: 0.2
    Love this. Also qhat map was the picture above taken on? I see it is a mod, but which one?
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Rock Falls
  7. Obamamixdude
    Version: 0.2
    Looks extremely nice! Cant wait to try this out!
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