Outdated T Series Semi "Race/Performance" Package 0.5 (04/20/2016)

T Series "Performance" Package (A few engines, and transmissions)

  1. Updated for 0.5.4

    4/19/2016 (waiting for approval)

    Updated for 0.5.4
    • Added 2.21 Welded rear diff
    • Added 3.73 welded rear diif
    • Added 4.88 welded rear diff
    • Renamed "drag" tires to "HD"
  2. OTF (On the fly) Engine "Tuning"

    So I haven't updated this in awhile, so I thought why no upload the new update now?

    I present "OTF" (On The Fly) Engine Tuning

    What does this mod do?

    Have you ever wanted to "tune" your engine/transmission?radiator in beam, without getting in to the "foreign language" of what we call "jbeam"? well now you can "tune" your vehicle without exiting out of the game via the tuning menu..

    Essentially putting you in control of whats "going on" with the vehicle....
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