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Unsupported T75 Drifter 0.92b

Best drifting rig

  1. New config, new engine, transmission tune and custom transmission modes added

    Original drift rig gets better!

    New engine tune, based on real world variant of ETK437 engine.
    T75 Drift with supercharger has 825hp / 4016Nm
    T75 ETK437 has no supercharger 634hp / 3172Nm

    Custom vehicle controller LUA which adds new transmission modes, you can select winter mode that sets 2nd gear to be lowest gear, also you are no longer limited to 2 selectable gears with automatic, select any gear from 5 to 1 to be highest gear automatic box will shift to.

    Currently mod adds selectable parts to all Semis:
    -New turbocharger "ETK437" with torque curve based on real world engine
    -Supercharger to mod slot for that extra drift
    -Automatic transmission with custom LUA logic
    -More realistic ratio locking rear axles "Auto locking"
    -Two premade configs, Drift and ETK437, latter is for pulling trailer, but can drift too

    Surely I have more plans and certainly I'm not going to tell you about them, yet ;-)

    Any issues, please, post on discussion tab so I can fix them.

    Remove old version t-drifter.zip from your mods folder, earth might stop rotating if you have new and old in there!

    Drag and drop this new version to your mods folder.

    Lock diffs with ALT+D or use UI, spool up turbo, have lots of sideways fun!

    Recommended map, Trial Mountain, Hirochi, Glass view mountain (hanging out those rearmost wheels over the edge of cliff, Cinamatic!) or whatever you prefer.
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