T75 ultimate destroyer 2.3

For when you want to ram a bus at 300 kph and survive.

  1. 0.17 update

    Fixed mudflaps falling off
    Fixed steering center
    Updated sound
  2. sound update + fix

    -updated engine sound
    -fixed steering center - it should now drive straight in most situations(it still slightly pulls to the left under full throttle due to the extreme amount of torque that the engine produces)
  3. hotfix

    adjusted both configurations to no longer pull to the right
  4. New parts and a configuration

    near indestructible frame
    indestructible ram plow and driveshaft
    custom nitrous bottle with extremely large capacity
    customizable 10-speed DCT
    BOV sound
    new configuration with a 1000 kw shot of nitrous
    fixed gear ratios
    adjusted arcade shifting
    engine is much harder to break
    new thumbnails
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  5. optimizations

    Replaced generic part names with ones that better represent what they are("tuned engine" changed to "1000hp destroyer engine", "custom turbocharger" changed to "T3500 destroyer turbocharger" etc.)
    Changed "jbeam names" to avoid conflicts with other mods.
    Adjusted default values on the custom transmission so that it no longer has gear ratios from the stock 12-speed when equipped through the parts selector.
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  6. Sounds

    Updated engine to use the new sounds.
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  7. fixed for real

    I messed up-fixed engine needing gasoline
  8. Updated to 0.9

    Updated engine to work in 0.9+
  9. fix

    exhaust no longer catches on fire
  10. Moderation : thumbnail fix

    Moderation : thumbnail fix
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