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Outdated Team America Skins 1.1.4

Overly patriotic skins inspired from the movie Team America : World Police

  1. 0.8 compatibility update

    Changelog :

    - Fixed the FREEDOM Carrier to work with the new powertrain system
    - Added thumbnails for the garage pictures

    Merry Christmas !
  2. 0.6.0 compatibility update

    Changelog :

    - Added more performance info to the configurations
    - Fixed FREEDOM Fighter spawning with wrong color
    - Fixed FREEDOM Carrier not moving
    - Updated FREEDOM Ram configuration
    - Fixed moonhawk logoless texture not loading
    - Reduced the size of a texture
  3. 0.5.6 compatibility update

    Changelog :

    - Custom license plates now use the new system
  4. 0.5.4 fix

    Changelog :

    - Fixed the van's part configuration to work with 0.5.4
    - Corrected typos in the configuration's description
  5. 1.1 update


    Changelog :

    - Added license plates to the bolide and the moonhawk
    - Improved vehicles thumbnails
    - Minor texture improvements to the moonhawk
    - Fixed the part configurations to work with 0.5.2
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