Beta TEM2 / TЭM2 Locomotive 0.11a

Heavy Russian six-axle diesel-electric locomotive

  1. Masuo
    TEM2 (rus. TЭM2)
    Heavy Russian six-axle diesel-exectric shunting locomotive

    This is my first public BeamNG mod ever, so please be nice ^-^

    - Detailed jbeams and visual mesh
    - Detailed cab & engine bay interiors
    - Classic (ТЭМ2) and later (ТЭМ2У) body version
    - Realistic 8-notch throttle
    - 6 skins & configs so far
    - Realistic sounds
    - European (chain) and American coupler (for compatibility)

    T - Increase throttle
    G - Decrease throttle
    Alt + A - Change direction
    Arrow down - Air brake
    P - Independent brake
    H - Horn
    Y - Interior lights
    K - Toggle front headlights mode
    I - Toggle front headlights mode
    [ - Toggle front taillights
    ] - Toggle rear taillights
    L - Toggle couplers

    To do:
    - More skins and configs!
    - Working air couplers (maybe)
    - Russian version interiors
    - Better horn sounds
    - Newag 15D version (maybe)

    Known issues:
    - Engine physics could be better
    - Spikes on wheels
    - Buffers still need some improvements

    Mod by masuo.
    Physics based on BeamDrifter's FS-30 mod.
    Visual mesh based on Sigman's resources from MaSzyna SPS.
    Engine sounds by KCHARRO.
    Skins by Balaclava and Sigman.

    All external resources have been used with the knowledge and consent of their authors

    Box cars from screenshots here.
    Maps from screenshots here and here.

    Help needed!
    - Russian version interior textures
    - Any exterior textures
    - Sounds
    - Suggestions
    - Bug reports
    - Anything else that you think may help

    If you do have any of above, please dm me to help improving the mod!

    Support me:
    (type "tem2" in your message so i can mention you here as a supporter)
    Big thanks to BNG-FUN ($44), zagdima ($18) & Lucas Wattier ($15) for supporting!
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Recent Updates

  1. A big comeback!
  2. No more duplicated beams!
  3. Sounds are back!

Recent Reviews

  1. Traintastic
    Version: 0.11a
    When are you going to release your passenger train cars, Masuo?
  2. Unbreakify
    Version: 0.11a
    funny train go BRRRT
    Train drives fantastically, no annoying long startup, runs fine on all rails
    I like the sounds, the design
    JBeam isn't crap
    Realistic crashes
    Brakes dont turn off (???) - Sparks fly out of the trains wheels making this annoying SCREEEEEEEECH nonstop
    1. Masuo
      Author's Response
      i think that's just how beamng physics engine works - if any metal is colliding with another metal, sparks appear. i have no idea how to disable it :/ thanks for the review!
  3. Psiakowy
    Version: 0.11a
    Good Train!
  4. The_Virtual_Pilot
    Version: 0.11a
    Best mod, but i can't do nothing. I can't start this train or drive :(
  5. DominkG
    Version: 0.11a
    Best train mod for me.
  6. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: 0.11a
    Man i love this thing
  7. GBorge98
    Version: 0.11a
    i spawn it in and it does nothing only the horn works thats it. help please
    1. Masuo
      Author's Response
      send me your logs in dm
  8. eggward
    Version: 0.11a
    he's back! he has arrived! again! still as good as ever, too.
  9. NekitPas
    Version: 0.10
    Amazing! Please make a DR1 or
    2TE116. / Офигенно! Сделай пожалуйста ДР1 или
    2ТЭ116 (я русский и могу на двух языках шпрехать,потому написал на двух)
  10. S.Ali.M
    Version: 0.10
    Very powerful locomotive and more stable than the older locomotive mod
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