Beta TEM2 / TЭM2 Locomotive 0.10

Heavy Russian six-axle diesel-electric locomotive

  1. ТЭМ2У, horn, gauges and more!

    Hi! After 4 days of hard work, version 0.5 is now ready to play. Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions so far, it's a huge motivation for me.

    + Added gauges
    + Added horn
    + Added ТЭМ2У version cab (no interior yet!)
    + Added ТЭМ2У version engine bay access doors
    + Added 3 new ТЭМ2У skins and configurations (TEM2U-209, TEM2U-226, TEM2U-234)
    + Added breakable obstacle deflector
    + Added some details to the cab mesh
    + Added more sounds
    * Separated traction motor meshes from bogies
    * Fixed meshes and UV maps
    * Fixed SFX errors
    * Other bugfixes
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