Beta TEM2 / TЭM2 Locomotive 0.10

Heavy Russian six-axle diesel-electric locomotive

  1. Better wheels, engine thermals

    Time for another update ^-^

    +Added air couplers (no physics yet)
    +Added 2 new ТЭМ2 skins and configurations (TEM2-148, TEM2-206)
    +Added 3 new ТЭМ2У skins and configurations (SM48-279, SM48-127, SM48-126)
    +Added the cab light in ТЭМ2У
    +Added new, "modern" healights
    *Changed names of all the skins and config files to be more accurate
    *Wheels will no more randomly pop out of the rails
    *Engine thermal simulation is way more realistic now
    *Overall engine simulation is a bit more realistic now (still needs improvements)
    *Obstacle deflectors will no more "bounce" when the train is braking
    *Fixed roof textures
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