Beta Tennessee State Trooper livery 1.5

THP livery

  1. Scruffy517
    Tennessee State Trooper livery


    Configs may not work for everyone

    BeamNGdrivex642021-03-0420-43-03.png BeamNGdrivex642021-03-0420-43-15.png BeamNGdrivex642021-03-0420-38-15.png BeamNGdrivex642021-03-0420-38-06.png


    Q. Does it have configs?
    A. Yeah it does but it might not work for everyone

    Q. Is it gonna be on more cars?
    A. I don't know yet​

Recent Reviews

  1. Cat Of America
    Cat Of America
    Version: 1.5
    good skin, i live in Tennessee and i found some flaws in the design, like the fact that we only use blue lights in Tennessee, not red and blue, but just a small issue, and I don't remember Tennessee state police vehicles having wraparound bullbars, but I haven't looked at the front of a state police car lately.
    1. Scruffy517
      Author's Response
      BeamNG doesn't have all blue lighting, so can't really help with that... you can change the pushbar to how you want in the configurator.
  2. OldCarsRule57
    Version: 1.5
    Great job! I love tennessee!
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