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Beta Tennessee USA Roane County Beta, REAL TERRAIN, 8gb System RAM REQ'D 0.86.0

HUGE 175sq/mi, 193+ miles of roadway, US40 highway, 3 Towns, Signs, Working Traffic Lights, Trees

  1. bob.blunderton
    This IS actually version 0.88.02 (0.88.x from here on out), even though it lists as 0.86 because I cannot in reality submit it, I have to butter up the moderators to do it for me, as it's nearly double the max file size limit on this site. Thanks to the moderators/devs for still hosting!
    It is normal to sometimes expect a small version discrepancy from here on out, but you're actually getting the version you see on the thumbnails and map description in-game, 0.88.x currently.
    If I missed anyone in the credits, be sure to appropriately raise a stink in the forums for this (discussion tab), so I can make sure you get the credit you deserve. Thanks again for those who donated items or objects or helped fund the project. Those inquiring about funding can message me privately.
    See the very bottom of this LONG post for quick-fixes if there's issues.
    Enjoy taking a spin through a monstrous remake of ROANE COUNTY Tennessee in the USA in the most full-featured, absolutely most realistic and hence FUN game Beamng.drive. You've possibly seen this before if you've dug through the forums, or poked around on Youtube.com a while.
    Now it's back and better than ever - THE BIGGEST map for Beamng.drive, packed with loads of detail and realism. A good system is required to run this (read: any decent gaming computer!) - though as the old saying goes "Of he who is much is given, much is required." applies here.
    175+ square miles of terrain (not including the faux-terrain mountains surrounding the map), and 193+ miles of roadway (divided roadway not counted twice). A mostly rural area with tons of places you've never driven before, because you've never heard of it! So let's have a drive, shall we?

    (other misc stuff)

    HEY YBR, yes, yes, you can can do a NEW review of this. It is time.

    NOW ACCEPTING OF USERS MAKING MISSION MODS - the map is now complete enough to make missions for!
    So get to work (if you like doing that!) making mission mods for this! Roads may be added but none removed, so work on making missions if you know how. No need to send them to me - just upload them to the repository and I (along with many others) will happily play them.

    Here's a map of this map, you will get lost, so get this now and keep it handy and don't lose this too.

    ^^^ MAP ^^^

    Thanks to DavidinArk for these vids (this above and the one below), showing a sampler of what this monster of a map has to offer.
    You could have spent an hour reviewing it Dave and only get 1/3rd the roads, if that much :) Folks will learn to love his mature/educated take on things - he's one of the good guys.

    Review, showing some of the added/updated areas (and a very small portion of such a huge, huge map).

    The low-down on what's updated for 0.88.x 3/7/2018 :
    LOTS of new businesses and buildings along Roane Street (Route 27) from the highway (US 40) exit to Harriman (heading north).
    Several new grocery store chains like HAPPY SACK GROCERY and LINE CITY GROCERY.
    LOTS of new FAST FOOD places. MODERATORS make sure these pass censor, it's nothing you wouldn't see in other AAA games however. I tried to use a bit of discretion, as they could be a LOT worse :)
    Detailed parking-lots and such that I spent hours if not a day or two on.
    Updated AI and such. One way is supported on manual destination as-per game code, subject to change.
    Fixed lots of problems with the AI cutting corners on some turns south of original SPEND-A-LOT spawn point on the way (southbound) to Rockwood where it's only 2 lanes with black asphalt.
    Made lots of intersections simplified to use less objects. Did the same with a few bridges.
    Fixed one bridge to new type & re-aligned a mile of Airport Road (north of the Airport) and removed an unnecessary bridge. Learned I still know how to spell unnecessary. Woohoo!
    LOTS of updates to the west side of the map. 2+ miles of US 40 on the west-most end of it was re-aligned and is more correct now.
    Westel Rd is now re-aligned (about a mile of it) and also it now continues north of the highway (US40) past where it used to stop, for another 2 miles and includes a nicely detailed one-lane bridge.
    Route 70 (south end of Westel Rd ends here) through the town of Westel (town is not in yet) re-aligned - very fun to go very very fast down this road and get some air-time as it's mostly straight.
    We now have brown grass in Roane County Tennessee and some 'beta' quality props to go along with it (dead grass props). These also go well with the rocks but the normal-textures on it aren't perfect yet.
    There's now lots more rock walls along the highway for the west-most 6 miles or so of it. From the top of the mountain to Airport Rd interchange is a beautiful example of what the map will look like when it's finished.
    LOTS of new roads added (20 miles?) in this version on the west end of the map. They're rather bumpy and incomplete but both you and the AI can drive them, including the many new bridges. There's much more to add out here.
    FIXED the sign bug hopefully for the last time. Signs should not be knocking down airplanes or be 0.1 meters tall anymore randomly whenever the game is updated. Thank Nadeox1 for showing me what to/not to do.

    Problems/Errata :
    *Normals aren't perfect on dead grass so it looks a little dark/blue colored at times. Working on this!
    *Much of the map is unfinished-looking, with square grass, and not a lot of detail. Be patient, if I don't exceed the game capabilities, it'll eventually be finished one day. The rural-areas especially outer-most stuff is the most unfinished but it's still 100% able to be driven and rather smooth over-all.
    If I do exceed the game's capabilities then we can all take turns mailing the developers boxes of angry porcupines in heat. There, I said it ... heh
    *The FPS sucks, but I can't really help that. (I do work on this!)...
    *Randomly one Nvidia user has reported the gas-station acting stupid, the Snake Oil station had weird black boxes on the canopy over the pumps, I think it's a driver error though. Let me know if you have that issue in the discussion forum.
    End problems/errata


    Preview/Trailer 0.85.1 version by @NewoFox , many thanks mate! This is the last version.
    A Review of some of Harriman, the rural north-western area of the map, and Sprawl-Mart at the end of the video, from version 0.81, from DavidinArk, thanks Dave! - safe for work.

    Screenshots may be while it was in development and be not as complete as they are in the map.
    Immense detail in Rockwood, we've traded a bucket of FPS in for a tub of immersion factor, still not as slow FPS-wise as Harriman is though!

    Almost 900mb of a download, Don't use your cell phone's data plan up.

    Courtesy @NewoFox , current version. He has more videos than just this one, do have a look.

    Harriman downtown, this is mostly all new for this version. The DEFAULT spawn point is here.

    Samuel Rayburn Memorial Bridge, just west of Kingston TN.

    Looking East off the top of the mountain, over US 40. The sunrise IS beautiful.

    Every last road works fully with the AI and it usually will keep lane on the highways.
    This makes this map GREAT for video feeds and chases - or even crash vids!

    Just editing to make a note: This map features over a DOZEN miles of train track! Go from Rockwood to past Harriman via train! Go from the train yard to the Fossil Power Plant! Mind some of those tighter corners.
    Plenty of level-crossings for wrecks, too!

    Thanks to @synsol who let me know about the hotfix containing a fix specific to this map and some other crashing the spawn.lua on version 5. Thanks @synsol and @meywue for hosting!

    Looking north over the Emory River into Harriman downtown area.

    Working traffic signals are present in dozens upon dozens of different intersections all over this map.

    8 GB or more of System RAM Installed with 6 GB + Free
    You can check out how to enable pagefile on google or at the bottom of this post!!!
    64bit Operating System (newer than XP and supported by Beamng.drive)
    Decent video card capable of handling numerous trees and buildings
    YOU CAN RUN THIS ON INTEL 530 SKYLAKE, it has been done!
    For highest detail, 4gb+ Video Memory is required.
    For medium detail, 2gb Video Memory is required.
    For low detail, 1gb Video Memory is required.
    Decent processor (Intel i5/i7 recommended but will run on less)
    SSD Recommended, though if patient, it will run from a hard-disk drive.
    Generally, if you meat Beam's "Recommended Requirements" you'll run this map just fine.
    Zip file size is about 900mb, uncompressed size is 2.1x gb (EEEK!)
    *buys stock in SSD nand manufacturers worldwide*

    Pine Ridge Rd underpass under US Rt. 40

    Kentucky St. Kingston passes under US Rt. 40

    Please do not rate poorly if your PC or Operating system does NOT meet the official requirements, or if you cannot run 64-bit Beam (Required!).
    Trying to run this map on 32-bit or with less than 5.45GB of free RAM will cause the application to hang or crash.

    US 40 west at Scenic Dr. overpass, before you climb the mountain.


    An entire REAL county of Tennessee modeled into Beamng.drive awaits! This is the Default spawn.

    144sq/mi & 175+ miles of roadway modeled after real terrain and roads.
    Working traffic signals, signs, and proper roadway delineation and marking placed as per USA DOT standards.
    Proper smooth roadway with almost every corner banked to handle cars at speed with ease.
    Realistic differences in pavement color and look - not all roads look the same - there is almost 1gb of ROAD textures alone here.
    Beautiful lush terrain that's been described as GREEN CARPET. You might just want to use it for a desktop background.
    Multiple spawn points with more yet to be added!
    A re-creation of Harriman, Tennessee. Also includes Kingston Tennessee, and Rockwood Tennessee is just beginning to be built. Towns not yet finished.
    (Beta) Over 12 miles of train track in two long sections for use with @chris_lucas 's train vehicles.
    A few destinations such as BURGER WORLD and the popular and very familiar looking U-Pump-It gas station and some misc industrial buildings that didn't quite make a name for themselves yet.
    Possibly the largest forest brush in a Beamng.drive map yet, over 300,000 characters of manually scripted models and resources. It took DAYS...
    More features on the way, as it's not done yet!

    Sick of driving? Stop by Harriman for DOZENS of different awesome jump near the industrial area!

    Please use the discussion forums not the ratings section if you have any issues regarding this map, though there should be no issues.
    Again, do not rate poorly if your PC is not good enough to run this smoothly. The large size is a feature, not a shortcoming. This map pushes the limits of the Beamng.drive engine, to really show you that yes, this engine can handle a commercial-game-sized open world! That being said, if your computer meets the above requirements, you should have no problems running this map once you get a few miles of driving under your belt and the game has loaded all the required resources (it could skip or get choppy while doing so).

    This map would not be possible without the help of the following wonderful people:
    Me - Mapping, terrain, road graphics, some signs.
    @Occam's Razer - House models and textures for the non-Beamng.drive assets from Garfield Heights
    @RedRoosterFarm - Awesome signs that look the part
    @chris_lucas - Train and Railroad track models
    @MitchB25 - Traffic signals from the Expressway map
    @Username - for previous mirror hosting before this was on the forums - thanks!
    @Ouerbacker - who's past maps inspired me to make something great, and also for the base graphic for the cliffside variation texture used sparsely in this map.
    @synsol and @meywue - for helping me get this hosted - thanks guys - love this game.
    @JDMClark for sending in some shots of Rockwood and giving some of a local's input etc. THANKS!
    @fufsgfen For the bridge pillar models after the game update ate mine.
    If I've missed anyone, feel free to message me a big smack in the face and let me know.

    Programs used:
    Notepad++, Paint.net, GNU Image Manipulator, Google maps/Streetview for comparison shots, L3DT Commercial version for Terrain generation (yes, I did buy it, I buy ALL my software, you should too)!

    Proudly made with paid and freeware software, NO pirated software was used. Please do not support or condone piracy, as it kills off the software we use and love. If you can't afford it, use a freeware or shareware program instead, or wait and buy a copy.

    As per the Beamng.drive and website EULA, you may use MY assets with permission and credit, but as per using assets donated or otherwise allowed for use by other authors, please contact them as per the credits. Do NOT re-upload this map elsewhere without notifying me first and speaking about that. This map may be used to make free or monitized videos on youtube provided you've paid for Beamng.drive. If you must contact me then you may do so on this website in private or in the forum.

    @Chernobyl Emp - thankyou very highly for the demo-video!

    ¥ = You best have your pagefile enabled, even if you have lots of RAM and you have an SSD (more reason to use it!). Pagefile will not slow your PC down, or hurt your PC or SSD. When I am running Beamng.drive editor it can use up to 40GB of RAM & PAGEFILE on the system combined (yes). Users have noted 20gb of pagefile usage here during extended play - your mileage may vary. Please make sure you have 20gb of free space and that the maximum size of your page file is at-least 2x your ram amount (or 20gb, whichever is larger!). If you CRASH to desktop, this is most likely WHY. Disabling the page file was fine with Windows XP. If you have 64-bit Windows 7 or better, leave it enabled. Seriously. I have 22+ years of experience with PC's and hardware, and have been editing game maps since MS-DOS Doom 1 & 2 glory days... you can rest assured this is good advice. SSD's have wear-leveling so it won't hurt the SSD. To change the pagefile setting or check it
    My computer > right click blank space > properties > Advanced (tab) > Performance (settings button, click it) > Advanced Tab (pagefile "CHANGE" settings button, click it) > LEAVE IT ON Auto. IF it's not, set it.
    Enjoy the map :) The map won't crash you out now. It has *NEVER* crashed here and I 'only' have 16gb free... --Cheers!

    Pics below are from the old version .5 but you get the idea.
    See my discussion thread page 26~29 for more good pictures.
    11/27/2017 - edited corrections in, verification this still runs well, and removed references that were outdated. Works on 0.10 & 0.11 game versions flawlessly. Clear your cache if there is any issues first.
    EDIT: 3/8/2018 - shortened the description but it's still too big. Big map big description. 'Tis life. To think, I somehow used this rotten 3mb/512kb DSL that breaks down constantly (and even broke completely for some 10 days in January), to upload ALL OF THIS. Wow.

    Map has huge signs - Clear catch and make sure you don't have conflicting versions in mods folder or extracted into levels (the level directory is "southernhighway").
    Map has the correct terrain but the roads don't seem to be going where they're supposed to be (on the new portions that were changed):
    Make sure you clear cache and don't have an old version laying about conflicting. No seriously, clearing cache helps a lot, careful doing this if you're working on things in /levels/ or /vehicles/ as it will move the directory out of sight (read the pop-up when you click clear cache for help finding things later).

    Go play the map and stop reading. Yes you read it all, you're 2% smarter now because of it, but time to go enjoy the map.
    No really. STOP. (pics below are old, but still worthy of seeing, the map is better, just trust me) ...
    S.T.O.P. R.E.A.D.I.N.G. M.E.


    1. 20160718154559_1.jpg
    2. 20161001120450_1.jpg
    3. 20161002062601_1.jpg
    4. 20161003182758_1.jpg
    5. 20161004151628_1.jpg
    6. 20161104223058_1.jpg
    7. 20161105040142_1.jpg
    8. TN_Comparo_Scenic_Dr_40w.jpg
    9. TN_Comparo2.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. jschadle
    Version: 0.86.0
    Truly a must have map. There are so many areas to explore and plenty of buildings and houses with lots of detail. Really appreciate the time and effort put into this.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      ...and I've started working on a new version again! Ohnoes! More new things, like SHOE-IN'S restaurant will be in the new version out in a month or (likely) two. I love making this map as much as I love driving around in it and crashing into the things I've taken so much pain in building.

      It goes like this (how/why this map was made) :
      I find THIS awesome pre-release game with super-realistic car deformation...
      I see cool maps, I explore said cool maps but do everything I can do in them (exploration-wise) in like a half hour or an hour.
      I get bored and say 'hey, wait, other games are bigger why not this one?'.
      I find some bigger maps and begin to poke around with the editor, when it dawns on me (because I am *NO* stranger to editors having used them since 1995 or such in the pre-pentium days - for me), that I ALREADY KNEW how to use the editor for the most part. Aside of some technical details, yes, I could map.
      I figure things out for a few months and make a concept of a super-duper large map (this one), bigger than ANY GTA game out there, expecting it to fail miserably.
      I try it out and - low and behold - IT WORKS - great, few lag spikes but great!!!
      So I begin loading it with stuff... still works - RAM use shoots through the roof though with lots and lots of trees and also kills the FPS.
      I scale this back & begin to advertise it, OOOPS, looks like I have to spend years finishing it now because everyone (who can run it) wants in on it.
      THOUSANDS of hours (not kidding!) later, many donated models by kind people (with permission obviously) later, we have what you can play.
      The game engine streaming has been worked out much better so you'll hardly feel any lag traversing areas like you would on older (0.7.x) game versions where the game would 'skip up' for a while after a few miles - this map helped with this.

      Thanks for reviewing the Roane County TN open world test, that accidentally pulled the short straw, and became a map. It will be done some day, hopefully we're not playing like Beamng.drive III or something by then, on an i65536 512-core processor (made up name). At-least this will run nice then (hey this map will run nice with only 2/3rds that good of CPU). I can spend hours or a whole day just making one or a pair of lots. Some lots even take LONGER than a day (like Happy Sack Grocery, or Spend-a-Lot). I love Beamng.drive, and nothing screams how good this game is by a super-engaging large map that gives you hours of play and I don't mean just mine - Ouerbacker, DoullPepper and even Occam's Razer and Nadeox1 have given us a few good ones to really check out this game's possibilities with.

      So yes, eventually, it'll be done, but until then, enjoy what's here - and don't forget to stop in and see "What is new?" on the last page of the discussion forums! If I am working on the map, there's always SOMETHING great or small on there.
  2. Squatch32560
    Version: 0.86.0
    I'm so happy I can finally write a review for this gorgeous map. This is BEYOND dev quality. Especially for a game like this where it's still a new idea and there's amazing people like yourself willing to put the time and effort in for people who you don't know.

    The map is amazing. Now that I got my new pc set up, I'm blown away. Being able to run this map at 40-50 fps with up to 4 cars is crazy. I love to just set them up as random driving and seeing them drive around and it's nice with a big map cause they don't crash as much.

    You know you did a good job, but still I'm going to say it, Good Job.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Well thanks quite much, if you can afford the price of entry (PC hardware), then it's definitely quite packed with fun. Though sadly there's no missions or anything like 'questing' etc in here, it can still keep you busy for quite some time with almost 200 miles of roadway if one knows how to self-occupy.
      So yes, thanks again, I tried to put my best work here. It takes a lot to run but the old adage "To he who much is given, much is expected.", comes into play. So it takes lots of hardware power but it's quite fun once you start driving around and you can just... keep going ... and keep going ... and keep going for more than a dozen miles from edge to edge.
      Do have fun and join us on the discussion page if there comes a time when you have ideas for map content you may feel is 'missing' or otherwise not present enough here. This map gets updated about 'quarterly' give or take.
  3. SMW22792
    Version: 0.86.0
    Just wanted to say how appreciative of the time spent on all the maps you have made. I have (unless I missed one) enjoyed every map from you, and is a big reason why I have sunk so many hours into Beam.NG. You have a wonderful talent, and a keen eye for detail. Thank you very much!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Nothing beats trying to drive a truck around full of pianos from store to store, or just trying to drive an '88 Pessima around until you run out of fuel... it's meditation for some, and a complete blast for others (well not for the Pianos but you get it).
      This map is a love-letter to many fun arcade-style open-world-ish driving games from the past, and also to the developers for bringing such a fun game. It's quite entertaining for those who self-occupy. I hope someone does missions for it someday soon as it would be very nice to try them.
      This map will be supported and updated for years to come unless my health fails much worse than it already has; so fear not, Roane County will be here!
  4. mtndrgn ¯\_ಠ‿‿ಠ_/¯
    mtndrgn ¯\_ಠ‿‿ಠ_/¯
    Version: 0.86.0
    I just wish I would have gotten a Ryzen 1600 and a 1060 because my 1050 ti murders my 1800x wit a bottleneck, and this REALLY uses your GPU.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      With the price of video cards right now you are best off buying only what you need to barely get the job done. The 1050ti is more than enough.
      Medium textures on the 2gb model, High textures for 4gb model. Both settings account for 1080p screen resolution. Just make sure to turn off reflections.
      The models in the map are too numerous and too intensive on a real-life setting for real-time reflections on most consumer-friendly-priced cards - mine included (My RX 480 8gb can do minimum reflections in town, otherwise it drops below 30~35fps in select spots). You should be able to leave shadows on as that is cpu-speed sensitive and the Ryzen is definitely fast enough. I'd wholly recommend medium settings either way as the model detail will fall off a little faster, too, so you'll have smoother game-play. I have had people get this map running (even with a higher draw distance in older versions), with intel integrated graphics processors, of the Skylake vintage.
      Other notes:
      Ryzen 2200G and 2400G integrated GPU's will also run this map at 720p or 1080p on low to medium settings (depending if you give it the full 2gb of VRAM allocation or not) with no reflections enabled. Please keep in mind if anyone wants to buy one, try to spring for the 2400G and 12~16gb of RAM if you wish to run this map.
      If anyone can still run this on 8gb of RAM this may in fact be the last version of this map that will support 'only 8gb'.

      Users of AMD Ryzen processors will be pleased to know that there's new Ryzen models coming out 2H 2018 (2nd half) and in late 2019 also (2xxx and 3xxx series, respectively) that feature higher clock speed and improved XFR turbo modes. Ryzen CPU's *LOVE* *FAST* *RAM* ...

      For those looking for a video card upgrade as of late, don't bother. Get one when the supply goes up/mining craze dies down and then prices go down! It's not worth it now when you can likely switch to 720p mode in-game and get decent FPS if needed.
      I hope this info helps someone!
  5. yoacream
    Version: 0.86.0
    AMAZING, the beamng dev team should hire you! ps HOW CAN SOMEONE GIVE THIS MAP LESS THEN 5 STARS??? it's a TRUE BLESSING guys...
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks a million!
      I am just a disabled (physically) guy in my mid-to-late 30's who sunk 2500~3000 hours into Beamng editor. Lots of hair-pulling, developer-roasting, and model-borrowing (with permission) later, this popped out.
      I've been modding games ever since designing my ma&pa's house in MS-DOS Doom back in 94~95 or so on my 1st pc, a used 486 dx/2 66mhz (Doom Construction Kit 2.2f ftw).
      Here we are with this. I am glad you had fun, it makes it all worth it. Seeing as I am yet to explode my self-built i7 4790k machine from 2014, I will keep mapping periodically on and off (as to save my sanity) and keep doing things for this.
      I am also currently in talks with the developers (on/off also), on how to make this a little more efficient. Lovely Synsol has given me some hints as to what's making this go chugga-chuggah (train sounds) in spots, so be extra nice to him when you see him next. Without his help, this map which is also almost DOUBLE the size limit of max file size allowed, wouldn't be here.

      Up for next version -
      Better highway signs, more buildings, and possibly some more roads too!
      Thank Glorious Duck for hooking me up with the highway gothic font. We will have to forgo roasting him for a while, I digress. :)
      Until then, enjoy the map and send in suggestions!
  6. Floppydopda
    Version: 0.86.0
    Fantastic map, very close to the real area. It's so accurate I usually use Google Maps to find the correct road to take to each town. The amount of detail is good and doesn't cause too much lag. I can run it at 35-45 FPS with GTX 760 and Intel i5 4690 and 8GB ram. Definitely need to use an SSD or the load time is 5+ minutes. On par or better than the stock BeamNG maps in terms of quality and depth. Well done!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Ah yes, in 2018, everyone should have an SSD unless they have an AMD FX processor on a 970 or 8xx series motherboard (990FX is ok), because it won't notice. At which point they need a whole new machine anyways.
      Glad you enjoyed this, and you MOST CERTAINLY can use google maps or your maps of choice on this map. The safe-for-work-link here:
      There's a bit chopped off at the top and bottom on this google map, that is still in the real map, only a mile or two each way. East-West dimension is about right though.
      You can also use street-view if you like. If my internet was working when I built the buildings, they will all be correct to about where they go (Roane Plaza, Line City, Happy Sack grocery, etc), or sometimes if the internet was broken, things will be close but not perfect. Sometimes buildings may be changed for map-flow reasons like to fit awesome jumps (reason why the TEA PIT diner parking-lot is barren of obstacles), or just generally make things more fun (connect two dead-end roads with a path, or otherwise help play-ability - like a dirt path at the east and west ends of the US40 highway, so your fun doesn't end).
      There's a lot more analysis that's gone into this, I've seen mostly every review, and often times more than once wondering:
      What do people love, where do they find awesome jumps, where do they want awesome jumps or stunts and don't find them, where do they get lost, what do they pick out, where they go, what to keep, what to change or remove, and where do they get lost (okay okay yes it's huge you will get lost).
      So there's a lot more than meets the eye here. Glad you had fun though!

      So position your real map in Rockwood Tennessee, with Harriman in the north side, Glen-Alice to the south, Kingston to the farthest East, and Westel to the West (the town is not in the map yet but the roads are). You should find your way around quite well!
      Or just use my MOOGLE MAPS at the top of the resource desc. page!
    Version: 0.86.0
    nice to see that its improving it looks quite a bit better than it did since the last time i had this map on my computer ill have to get it again because my brother deleter it hopefully it won't take 12 hours to install probably will
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      First, set the map to download again...this could take some time!
      While you wait, noogie your brother a while.
      Then, make sure you have no old versions of the map, and then enjoy the new version and make sure your brother doesn't make you download it again, by backing up your existing copy.
  8. buddy boyo
    buddy boyo
    Version: 0.86.0
    As a fan of super-big maps/levels in games, this is great.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      This is currently the largest map, because I like big maps too!
      So definitely do enjoy this map & if you enjoy cruising about seeing how long you can go until you run out of fuel or wreck the car, this is THE place to be. Don't be tempted by those jumps though if you're trying to drive until you run out of fuel... and they're both tempting and numerous.

  9. xxdavekxx
    Version: 0.86.0
    I recently got an upgrade in ram, 16GB now! Ive been playing this map for a few days, havnt had the patience to load it when I had 8Gb of ram, lol. SO happy to see an update, Im amazed by the detail and the natural and professional shape and feel of the roads, as well as the atmosphere thats set. This should seriously be considered as an official map.
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      Thanks - it means A LOT. I mean it.
      I put THOUSANDS of hours of work into this map (2500~3000 hours).
      It will only get better, that I can promise, as more detail is added (but not so much that the FPS is poo) and bland spots are filled in.
      Surely I hope this is a fitting reward for having 16gb of RAM for what is costs now. I paid about 80~100$ for my 16gb 2400mhz kit in 2014 when I built this PC and I can promise it doesn't have 1mb more of RAM now than it did then, with the current prices.
      A good rule of thumb when building a PC is to buy either as much RAM as you can afford, or buy half the max capacity of the board, when you build the machine (so if it maxes at 64gb, buy 32gb, in two sticks, or four sticks on eight-slot quad-channel boards). With 16gb you can use up to 6 or 7 AI vehicles if your processor and GPU are capable of displaying and processing them all - even more if you have a Hexacore or Octacore (6 or 8 core) CPU like Ryzen 5/7 or intel 8600/8700k or (most) X99/X299 chip-based machines.

      So do enjoy playing. I sure hope some folks make some missions. Otherwise I will figure them out one day and everyone is going to have to suffer driving a box-truck full of pianos across the map for 40 miles, Mua-hahahaha *witch-like Amazon Echo laugh* ...

  10. CP100
    Version: 0.86.0
    Good thing I got a new computer for Christmas!
    (New one has 16GB RAM which is double the ram from my old computer)

    I've been exploring this map since it first came out and it keeps getting better and better!
    1. bob.blunderton
      Author's Response
      It's been two years now I've been working on this officially (25 months now, since feb/2016).
      So do enjoy the two year anniversary. I hope I got everyone on the credits sign that belongs. I have to make a 2nd one it's getting rather full, too.

      It wouldn't have been possible without much help from others, too, though most every bit of actually mapping and object placement & even terrain creation was done solo by me.
      Thank RedRoosterFarm for signs,
      Occam's Razer for Garfield Heights houses,
      Fufsgfen for a chunk of sidewalk I really really needed,
      A few folks for sign ideas and submissions, and other author's who's things have been all used with permission,
      Ouerbacker for the terrain cliff face texture used in a few selects spots,
      Last but not least the Beamng.drive team for many models that I've re-skinned dozens of model's worth, and awesome game,
      Synsol and Meywue and even Nadeox1 for helping me load this and tolerating my not always amicable presence when I hit one of the many many bugs I have found while editing. Let's not even talk about the (expletive deleted) editor, beyond saying they're fixing it :)

      Enjoy new stuff taking the highway to mid-map and heading north at the ROCKWOOD / HARRIMAN exit (Roane St, Rt 27). Also, lots of new roads off Airport Rd's northern parts, and total re-alignment of Westel Road and the west-most 2 miles of US40.

      There's like half a dozen different fast-food franchises now:
      Long Dong Silver's
      Taco Hell (flying beyond the buns!)
      Burger World (that's the oldest)
      Weedy's (no!, it's vegetarian)
      Sausage fest
      Chicken Munch (bird-murder to-go!)
      AND MORE! You can find one of each I believe right on Roane St just north of the highway or about 2.5~3 miles south of Downtown Harriman.
      3 different grocery chains - Spend-A-Lot, Happy Sack, and Line City Grocery...
      Other ill-fated misc big-box stores like Worst Buy and Sprawl Mart.
      Likely about 50 other stores I haven't mentioned yet.
      Lots and lots to see! So buckle up for some low-brow humor and drive.