Alpha TFH Engines [WIP, testing engines] 0.4.3

[WIP]Some engines for your cars (because racecar)

  1. TunerFromHell
    All my new mods now are in work. You can check progress here:

    Made it, because people want my 2.1 diesel from miramar swap to D series))).

    I'm going to start work on L28 on carbs (Yep, Devil Z engine), but I dont want to release it without custom model and sound (for first time only sound :) ).
    models are a problem for me, because I don’t understand anything about them. Also, I have absolutely no idea how it works, so I can’t make my own.
    Custom engine sound is also a problem for me, since it is almost impossible to get the source sounds of a real bored L28 TT. Modifying an existing sound doesn't work either (2jz doesn't sound perfect in my mod).
    So now I have 2 problems and maybe will hold this mod to time when I get sound for L28)

    Deleted R8 engine from bolide (it will appear in my new mod, yes I'll mod bolide)
    Also can say that soon will came out new mod) (not bolide)

    Started modeling Devil Z's engine, all progress check down below in spoiler. But maybe this mod will appear as part of bigger, will see


    Ok, now serious, I will add bunch of engines for all vanilla cars, but for some period of time with stock models (maybe I'll do custom ones, but I dont have any experience of it. Sorry about this).

    Added 1.6 I4 4A-GELU TRD Group A Engine from Takumi's AE86 (Reachs 240-250hp in 9000RPM, goes to 12000). Made two versions - With my custom sounds (kill me) and without.
    Alsoo added 5.2 V10 from Audi R8 for bolide. At stock produces 525-535hp, maxed - 2000+. I didn't make custom sound for it bcos all what I get - trash
    P.S. Tell me what better for 4A-GELU. Custom sound or stock one?

    Replace 2.1L Diesel with LEGENDARY 1.9TDI (now only for D-Series)
    Add 2JZ for ETK's (200BX and Hopper will be next cars with 2JZ)
    Small update for 2jz(now it can reach 1350hp without NOS) and new engine - S50B32 BMW I6 (maxed - 1100hp, stock - 310hp)
    Deleted R8 engine from bolide (it will appear in my new mod, yes I'll mod bolide)

    List of engines which I will add (I want to rest so they will release next week or next weekend):
    632CUI V8 Chevy Bigblock (Dafuq?) IN WORK
    6.0 V12 TDI (Just why?)
    3.0 I6 2JZ (IS THAT A SUPRA?) DONE
    2.0 I4 VTEC K20 (That civic at 3am)
    2.0 F4 Subie's FA20 (IS THAT AE86? No, GT86)
    3.2 I6 S50B32 (100hp from liter an NA in 90s, respect) DONE
    5.0 V10 S85B50 (F1 in BMW, not bad)
    5.2 V10 Lambo/R8 (Das Auto) IN OTHER MOD (DONE)
    2.2 I5 Audi Quattro S1 E2 (Group B? Why not) IN WORK
    1.9 I4 TDI (Poor penguins) DONE
    1.0 I3 Ecoboost (Because racecar)
    2.8 I6 L28E (Old and underpowered so why not)
    1.6 I4 4A-GELU TRD Group A (Rage your dream...) DONE
    3.135L I6 Twin carburator turbo L28 from Nissan Cedric tuned by Tuner From Hell - Kitami Jun. Devil engine from devil car.
    P.S. At some cars I won't add some engines (Because 572CUI Chevy in Pigeon is not realistic)

    Here I will share my progress:
    24.01.22 15:00 UTC+2
    Made 1.6 I4 4A-GELU for miramar and 5.2 V10 for bolide. Will try to do some custom sounds, then post update. (This engines also will be in other cars, now i just trying to do all of them).
    24.01.22 20:18 UTC+2
    I'm done. Sounds are too bad. Trying to find somewhere done soundpack or doing it myself.
    24.01.22 21:10 UTC+2
    Idk how but I made my first custom sounds (with help of automation :) ). Maybe them are slightly crappy, but better than nothing. I will add 2 versions of this engine with custom and without, you need to choose the best sound.
    25.01.22 08:50 UTC+2
    Released update with 2 engines in repo. Next will do engines which dont need custom sounds (Like BMW I6's, Subie's F4)
    27.01.22 10:00 UTC+2

    Made 2JZ for ETK(testing) with a little changing sound from stock. Stock producing near 220hp (NA). Maxed - 1100+hp (big turbo). Will add it to some more cars and release mod in repo.
    27.01.22 11:30 UTC+2
    My new mod has dissapeared. Dafuq? It was waiting for approval and then dissapears. WTF
    28.01.22 11:40 UTC+2
    1.9TDI is close to release
    28.01.22 12:31 UTC+2
    I broke the game :)
    28.01.22 23:08 UTC+2
    Game fixed. Now fixing TDI
    28.01.22 23:34 UTC+2
    1.9TDI is ready to release(now only for D-Series replasing the 2.1L one) with stock 147hp and maxed 400hp (with nitrous over 500)
    30.01.22 08:00 UTC+2
    S50B32 is now in work (maybe it'll be only for ETK-I)
    31.01.22 23:15 UTC+2
    S50B32 and update for 2jz done
    09.02.22 15:15 UTC+2
    Improved 1.9TDI sound
    P.S. In several days will upload updates
    13.02.22 11:15 UTC+2

    Progress in modeling L28: upload_2022-2-13_11-17-30.png
    14.02.22 12:31 UTC+2
    Progress in modeling L28: upload_2022-2-14_12-31-48.png

    If you want to support me - here is my Patreon:

Recent Reviews

  1. xRAxThanatos
    Version: 0.4.2
    Awesome mod, love the 1.9 TDI in the D-series copes more than enough for low power rock crawling. But was wondering if could make the engine louder, you can barely hear it when there are other cars near by.
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      will try to fix it
  2. armandyt
    Version: 0.4.1
    Very cool! Cant wait for the l28 update (because devil z)
    1. TunerFromHell
  3. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 0.4.1
    will there be custom sounds?
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      Only if somebody will give them to me, or I'll have time to do it because I'm studying and dont have a lot time for sounds :)
  4. Joka
    Version: 0.2.1
    Very nice, finally a low power 4cc for D series like 2.4 from 90` hilux, pls M57 engine or OM648 for D series
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      I6 Diesel? Sounds good, maybe i'll do it
  5. Amazing Kestero
    Amazing Kestero
    Version: 0.2.1
    Noooo, this mod is awesome. And waiting for SUPRAAA
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      No problem man) Next engine will be 2JZ, but without custom sound (idk when it'll be in repo bcos mods are checked once a day)
  6. Maturely Immature
    Maturely Immature
    Version: 0.2.1
    My man knows how to make a good mod.
    1. TunerFromHell
  7. johnnythekidyt
    Version: 0.1
    So, none of the engines in the pack will show up in the engine tab in the part selector, can you explain this?
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      Uhh, as I wrote in text, done only 2.1L diesel for D-Series because some guy wanted it) Other engines now in work
  8. v_s
    Version: 0.1
    Dumb question but what car is this for? i can't find it
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      Hi, as I write now made only one engine, 2.1L diesel for D-Series, bcos now working on custom sounds (kill me)
  9. arkadiusz2627
    Version: 0.1
    Oh yea i wanna use that 5.0 V10 from BMW
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      One of my dreams is to ride on M5 E60. Thats why I put it in my mod :)
  10. BabyTeethLFA
    Version: 0.1
    Nice one, will be perfect when it gets the 1.25l Duratec from the MK7 Fiesta
    1. TunerFromHell
      Author's Response
      I was thinking of adding it with 1.0 ecoboost, but I will add it in some time (after all this engines :) )
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