Beta Thai minibus for D-series 2.0

Songthaew (Thai name) also it's a Thai traditional transportation

  1. Update

    Peter Beamo
    Bring this mod back to life

    - New config ,thumbnail
    - Strengthened the Minibus cage, seats
    - Fixed falling bumper
    - Fixed wobble tailgate

  2. Police Thing!

    Peter Beamo
    Added police protection cage!
    -Safety net
    -New cage mesh
    -And another little stuff added
    The police cage can be selected in "Protection cage" slot
    No config yet. Will be added soon
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  3. 2 Config added

    Peter Beamo
    off-road and custom!!
    Have fun!

    screenshot_01245.png screenshot_01246.png
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  4. files fixed

    Peter Beamo
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