Outdated The Bridge Connundrum: A BeamNG Story V1.0.5

The story of one person's pessima in the quest for justice

  1. Time changes

    • Changed the time for chapters 5,6 and 7 to set the atmosphere more.
    • As for the new scenario that lots of you want, here is a link to a form to submit what you want it to be about (them, car choice and length): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AWt47j7TLIPkkb9ByJi2Ieoov234a-6MpNEHTIHix5E/edit#responses
    • The poll has finished and thanks to those who voted :). The results are: a 10 chapter, realistic themed scenario with a red 200bx base edition. Can not say when it will come out but know that it is currently under development.

    screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png
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