Beta The Deathdrome b1.2.5

A short circuit to test your cars endurance and abilities.

  1. Juiceoholic
    The Deathdrome

    This is an island map that has a short circuit made entirely for testing your cars abilities and endurance. This map is suitable for all terrain vehicles but all can be tested.
    This map was built to destroy vehicles overtime, try different vehicles and see how far each one can go!



    - Multiple jumps
    - Tight corners
    - Alternative routes
    - Difficulty Variation

    ZealousPlum - Inspiration with Endurodrome.
    Lobster - Testing/Idea Inputs.

    - Infinite "Player Spawning" bug
    Go into User Interface settings and under the advanced tab tick "Enable advanced fuctions" then hit (ALT + U) when you are in the infinite state.

    This is my first map, but constructive criticism is welcome. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome aswell.

Recent Updates

  1. Black Mud Hotfix
  2. Beta 1.2

Recent Reviews

  1. skyeyemx
    Version: b1.2.5
    Bloody excellent. Having tested cars on the Endurodrome and Bajarama for ages, this map oughts make a fine addition to that.
  2. RetrO_TyT
    Version: b1.2.5
    Really good, dude.
    And I dont understand persons who gave 1 stars just because their pc very weakand cant run that map.
    By the way, your map is very good to drive. I like it
  3. Matty2605
    Version: b1.0
    Same as street. Just loads a template map.
    1. Juiceoholic
      Author's Response
      Reworked the entire map, fixed.
  4. Spede3
    Version: b1.0
    Fun for stress testing cars
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